Friday, April 3, 2009

Flash GuestBook

This flash guestbook allows your visitors to not only leave comments,
but also draw a picture or scribble a note. Uses php and xml to store
user's drawings and messages. No database is required. When browsing
the entries, the images are redrawn right before the viewer's eyes,
exactly as they were created.

Nifty and Flexible - Watch the entries redrawn as they were created, or uncheck "redraw" option and skip to the final drawing.

Feature Rich Drawing - Change brush sizes, colors and opacity to create intricate drawings.

Unlimited Undo's - Erase one line at a time using the undo button.

Easy To Set Up - No xml knowledge or flash knowledge required.

No Database Required - Entries are stored as separate xml documents in a designated directory.

Customize all visual elements - Comes with guestbook.fla, which has all
the visual elements used in the guestbook. Allows you to change the
look and feel to your liking.

Set drawing size limitations - You decide how big a drawing your users
can leave. Current entry size is displayed in kilobytes for users to
keep track, and a warning message appears once the limit has been




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