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Create a site like with this user friendly script


Twitter.Com Clone Script

Starting your own site like twitter has never been so simple Revou
is a revolutionary PHP driven social network software that allows
you to run your micro blogging site just like Twitter & Jaiku. Revou
is fully customizable and feature pack including SMS integration,
custom API and more!
Twitter.Com Clone


Thursday, April 23, 2009

tinyurl Clone

tinyurl Clone

Md5 Online Hash Cracker and Generator Site

You can edit the page with your own passwords list buttons etc....
You can Crack Hash's and Generate Hash's too.
No mysql database needed, just uplaod it and have fun, the
wordlist is included.
(For more worldlist just pm me)

Md5 Online Hash Cracker and Generator Site

Md5 Online Hash Cracker and Generator Site



Download From Other Site

TV Elements v2.0 - Premium WordPress Theme

The TV.Elements WordPress theme is the latest addition to my Video centric theme collection, bringing an entirely new element to the way you browse and interact with video on a website. This theme was built around video and specifically designed for higher resolution services such as Vimeo, Blip.TV and several others.

Live Demo

Link 1,

Link 2,

Link 3

WRZUTA.PL fixed for and

WRZUTA.PL fixed for and Mp3 search engine

exctract the file and replace all content in ' the-sources/wrzuta '


the demo is in french language !

Chercher = Search
Telecharger = Download

MiRRoR 1

MiRRoR 2

new mirror's :


Mirror :





Rapidshare 2

Xtremedia v1.2 Edition + temp (

Hosted by Free Image Hosting Service
Xtremedia v1.2 Edition + temp (

download => unrar => creat database => import data => Edit file config.php => Upload to server => Edit file HTACCESS => login to /admin (user/pass = admin/123456) => Config in Administrator -- Done

Pass Unrar :


Socialengine.v2.0 + Plugins

It turned out there were still some
errors/bugs in the v2.0 release of SocialEngine.
We fixed these bugs and all is working fine now.

To get you started, there’s a default user
installed with some content and album pics.

Loginname :
Password : adminuser

Make sure you change the info and password
of this user to your needs after install.

Also added some extra content;
Country Groups and added TinyMce
with File and Image manager to
News/Announcements section

Blog Matrix Pro v2.2.3

Blog Matrix Pro v2.2.3

"Create An Enormous niche blog empire and send server crushing traffic with a few clicks of this deadly effective cutting edge Web Application..."

# Automatically Create Blogs on any domains on any servers

# Automatic updating: All your blogs will Always run the most up-to-date Wordpress version - Always Updated!

# Import existing blogs (not created with BMP) and start managing them with BMP Platinum instantly!

# Content Management

# Automatically add content on autopilot, without writing it

# Complete Management Flexibility

# Push Button Blog Management

# Automatic Plugins

# Theme Management

# Plugin Management

# Automatic cross and inter-linking

# Blog Organization

# Blog Memento

Demo Here:

Username: demo
Password: demo





NetArtMedia BlogSystem v.1.5. [nulled]

NetArtMedia BlogSystem v.1.5. [nulled]

# Professional looking and easy to customize front sites

# Plenty of features and functionalities for the bloggers

# Freedom to create different packages (free/paid) with different space and bandwidth allocated

# Blog System makes possible for the administrator to create and manage different blog packages

# Powerful and state of the art back office for the administrators

# Blog System comes with an integrated setup wizard which makes the installation of the product quite simple.

# It's truly multilanguage

# Great looking blogs and dozens of templates available for the bloggers

# It allows you to make money from advertisements put on the blogs



MIRROR1 @ RapidShare

MIRROR2 @ MegaUpload

Blog Spider Pro - With Resell Rights, Your Auto-website Builder

Blog Spider Pro - With Resell Rights, Your Auto-website Builder

Add Hot, Fresh, Search Engine Optimized, Keyword-Targeted Blog Content to Your Site Automatically! Build a Giant Website With Thousands of Pages Instantly - All Real Content! No Spam Pages!

Blog Spider Pro utilizes the latest technologies to feed your website with hot, fresh, keyword-targeted, theme-related content and stories automatically, quickly and easily!

Important Note: You do not really need to know any technical information about blogs, RSS or any of the latest technologies to use Blog Spider Pro.

Blog Spider Pro considers several factors:

1. Unique content
2. Optimal internal link structure
3. Optimal file size
4. Scalability

Here's a list of Auto-News Builder features and benefits:

Generate thousands of keyword-targeted, theme-related content pages. Content is always fresh and optimized.

Blog Spider Pro is your automatic website site builder. Build a giant website with 10,000 pages instantly... all real content rather than spam pages.

Blog Spider Pro GENERATES new pages every time and adds them to your site! It does not generate a fixed number of pages that keep getting refreshed. What does this do? It increases your listings in search engines which translates to increased traffic potential.

Fetch niche blog content by entering targeted keywords related to your site theme/topic/niche. You can also add RSS xml links manually.
Just make sure you remove links of sites that do not permit you to use their content, ok?

Multilingual support! This hot feature alone is worth more than the cost Blog Spider Pro. Auto-build websites with multilingual content like: Spanish, German, Italian, French, etc. to take advantage of the growing foreign PPC markets!

Blog Spider Pro is a standalone software. No add on script or code is required! No need to use, Word Press, Movable Type or ANY similar stuff in order to be able to use Auto-Blog Builder.

Encourages More Search Engine Spider Visits and Higher Search Engine Rankings! Blog Spider Pro increases the frequency of search engine spider visits to your website and improves your search engine ranking.

Fully Optimized Internal Link Structure for quick indexing by search engine spiders. The aim is to enhance search engine spiders to crawl more of your web pages within a shorter visiting period of time.

Increase Your Affiliate Commissions and Google AdSense Earnings*!

Easy ad management system - you can customize the space with AdSense, banner ads or text ads

Complete reference and credit to content sources. Content sources are always quoted.


Quick Instant Threads Pack For All Websites - Forums & CMS Version 1.0

Quick Instant Threads Pack For All Websites - Forums & CMS Version 1.0

Quick Instant Threads Pack For All Websites - Forums & CMS Version 1.0

Have you ever imagined posting hundreds of threads instantly without the effort of manually adding images,links,screen shots,text,headings and all other extras to make a thread. Well This QIT Pack is an amazing solution for you to make your imagination come true.

QIT Pack is a big compressed file with text files saved in notepad. Each text file is a unique thread which is colored,coded,quoted,pre-edited & pre-aligned.Even if the forum you have installed is a new one or an old forum or a cms of anykind QIT Pack has threads which can be posted in any of the cms without any errors.

Each Thread in QIT Pack has the following things:

[*]Thread Titles
[*]IMDB Links
[*]Screen Shots
[*]Downloadable Links
[*]Bit Rates
[*]File Sizes

Main Features:

[*]A Neat Format Of The Post.
[*]No Water Marks on Cover images.
[*]No Water Marks On Screen Shots.
[*]No Virus Infected Files.
[*]No Garbage Links.
[*]No Passwords for any downloadable links.
[*]All Downloadable Links are working & Checked.
[*]Only Collector Zone or Premium Zone Uploaded Files.
[*]Attractive CD Arrangements sperated and coded.
[*]"Info" - "IMDB" - "ScreenShots" - "Tracks List" - "Download" texts are replaced with nice images.
[*]No downloadable links with other site names ( Ex:


[*]Easy to post. Just a Copy & Paste Effort.
[*]New websites can be made popular quickly.
[*]A Lot More.

Categories : Threads in Totals and Detailed List.

i.Porn : 100 Threads

[*]Celebrity Videos: 5 Threads
[*]Full DVD Rips : 74 Threads
[*]Nude Wrestling : 3 Threads
[*]Short XXX Video Clips : 18 Threads

ii.Audio : 56 Threads

[*]Hindi Language : 8 Threads
[*]Telugu Language : 48 Threads

iii.Movies : 17 Threads
[*]Hollywood Movies: 6 Threads

[*]DVD Rips: 6 Threads

[*] Indian Movies:
Hindi Language Movies : 6 Threads

[*]DVD Rips: 4 Threads
[*] P-DVD Movies: 2 Threads

[*] Telugu Language Movies : 4 Threads

[*]DVD Rips: 4 Threads

[*] Other Documentaries :1 Thread

iv.Wrestling : 15 Threads

[*]Pay Per Views : 6 Threads
[*]Special DVDs : 9 Threads

v.Games : 2 Threads

vi.Softwares : 0 Threads

Version 1.0 High Lights:

[*]A Total Of 190 Threads.
[*]Small Size of 142 KB without trash.
[*]Pack is compiled in a neat way.
[*]Folders are named according to categories.
[*]Text Files are separated in categories.
[*]Each Text file is named after its content for quick identification.
[*]No Password for the pack.

Version History & Update Notes:

Version 1.0 :

[*]Date Of Release : 14 - Feb - 2009
[*]No. of Threads : 190

Next Release:

Version 1.1

[*]Release Date: : 20 - Feb - 2009.

The Following Areas are concentrated More In Next Version:



[*]SMF Forums
[*]Many Others.

Quick Instant Threads Pack For All Websites - Forums & CMS Version 1.0




RSS to Blog v.4.5

RSS to Blog v.4.5

Automatically Post News Stories in Your Niche from RSS Feeds to your Blogs 24/7
Never Search For New Content For Your Blogs Again, Let Other People Write the Content. You Just Post it to Your Blog!
Big Adsense Checks Using Blogs! Earn Money using Blogs With Adsense and Affiliate Programs!


MiRRoR 1

Best WordPress Blog SEO Plugin - WP SEO Sniper Professional

For the average WordPress blog owner, search engine optimization is a goal that’s more read about than actually applied to the blog.

Until now, you had to: a) find different plugins, b) edit your theme files, c) hope you got it right, d) discover that you didn’t, e) beg some good samaritan on a forum for help, and f) often just give it up as being too hard.

That’s now all changed with WP SEO Sniper Professional.

WP SEO Sniper Professional implements SEO best practices on your WordPress blog, from the simplest page title to the most aggressive strategies (third-level push, tiered-pairing, circular navigation, etc.).

You easily control it all from the plugin’s administration panel.
Price: $ 97.00



2,091 Wordpress Themes

Ok I took the time to do this for another site.. but.. I'm posting it here as well.'s Entire Wordpress Theme Collection..

My Video Blog V2

This is a script for a blog. You can upload informations and videos !



The pass is :


Pass: WareZ.ProjeCt

Script Website Sales

You create you're own Website for Announce


Download !

How to Convert Rapidshare Links to Megaupload and Vice Versa

How to Convert

Rapidshare Links


Megaupload and Vice Versa

Download !

Kings of Chaos Script

In Kings of Chaos, you are in command of an army of either humans, elves, dwarves, orcs, or undead. The aim of the game is to strengthen your army to attack enemy warlords and take their gold! Players are ranked so you can see how your forces stack up to everyone else.
Kings of Chaos Script

To build up your attack and defense strength, you must recruit soldiers and equip them with weapons. You may also hire mercenaries or train your soldiers. To recruit soldiers you must have people click on your unique link (you can find this in your Command Center). Each time you recruit an additional soldier, your attack and defense strength will increase slightly, as will the amount of gold you receive per turn. Also, for every two recruits each of your officers gets, you will receive an additional soldier! The number of officers you can have is unlimited, so the more people who sign up to be your officer the faster you can build your army.

In addition to those soldiers generated by unique link clicks, you can choose to conscript soldiers - once a day you will recruit a number of soldiers determined by your current 'unit production' value. This value can be upgraded on the Training page.

To train your soldiers, use the Training page. Soldiers can be trained to be specialists in either attack or defense - whichever you choose, they will boost that ranking further, while ceasing to contribute to the other ranking. You can also train soldiers to become spies or sentries, which will be discussed in more detail later. In this case they cease to contribute to your attack/defense strength and the amount of gold you get per turn, as instead they are being kept in readiness for any covert missions you may choose to send them on.

Download !

TemplatesBox - Internet big collection

A big Packet only for

Is not danger to download it tongue


Download !


Download !


PtokaX Direct Connect Hub is a multi-platform server application for Neo-Modus Direct Connect Peer-To-Peer sharing network.

Since 2oo2 PtokaX is a synonym for inovative quality, performance, stability and the elegance of simplicity. The comprehensive user interface, tuned built-in features, scripting-based extendability and rich end-user support makes PtokaX ideal solution for Direct Connect network.

Download !

RoScene Tracker

This script is unique !

Whit this script you make you're free torrent but the script is no popular !


Download !

Warez Houser Movie php script

New Movies PhP Script !

No bugs...fixed all!
Warez Houser


Download !

Script Sudoku

This is a script for sudoku online !
Script Sudoku


Download !

Id Mess Script

This script is to make you're own ID Messenger Script !


Download !

Slaed cms v4.0 pro PHP nulled script

Slaed cms v4.0 pro

Slaed cms v4.0 pro PHP nulled script



ImDb.Com Clone

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)

ImDb.Com Clone


Download ! clone Script

Piwik is an open source web analytics software.
It gives interesting reports on your website visitors, your popular pages. clone


Download !

Online Football Manager Script

Online Football Manager Script


This script is a site where football fans can manage their favorite team for free. Play against other managers from all over the world, with 64 real life teams across the globe and over 1900+ real life football players.

The task is to pick a team and manage their way up to the top. Get to the first three places in the club's starting division and then you can get into higher divisions, finally battle for the first place in Division A.

The first season starts with clubs divided in four divisions equally so everybody has a chance to finish in first three places and advance to a higher division.
Php FotBall

Password: www.scripturi.fnhost.Org

Download !