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Interspire Email Marketer 5.0

Interspire Email Marketer 5.0 Nulled Scritps

What is Interspire Email Marketer?
Interspire Email Marketer (formerly SendStudio) is browser-based email marketing and autoresponder software that over 15,000 business owners, digital agencies and web hosting providers use every day to create, send and track profitable email campaigns and autoresponders - either for themselves or for their clients.


Audio Search Engines [ MajorMp3 ] Nulled

Audio Search Engines [ MajorMp3 ] Nulled

This script based on scriptowl audio search engine.
PhpMusicSearch or Crotz user needs to modified the script if you want to use it.

This file was modified from MajorMp3.Com script.

Author : a3d
Last Update : 11/19/2008
Type : Audio Search Engines
Demo :

Full Working Site [ 7 sources ] :

Download :

Test it on your web host : localhost not work if you dont have curl installed

Fixed sources : Esnips, Wrzurta, Tagoo, Jamglue
Any Question? Post here.

Extreme Executive Limited Edition Nulled PHP script

Extreme Executive Limited Edition v7.0 Null Nulled Script
Extreme Executive Limited Edition v7.0 null,Extreme Executive Limited Edition v7.0 nulled,Extreme Executive Limited Edition v7.0,free null script,null script,nulled script,Extreme Executive nulled script,Extreme Executive null script

Extreme Executive Limited Edition v7.0 null,Extreme Executive Limited Edition v7.0 nulled,Extreme Executive Limited Edition v7.0,free null script,null script,nulled script,Extreme Executive nulled script,Extreme Executive null script

The Executive Edition Search Engine is by far the best product we have ever created. It can handle a heavy load of traffic and still be very fast.

Affiliate Program
It has a full Affiliate Program with Java Script Code, Search Box Code, PayPal Mass Pay and more.

Your customers can search News, Audio, Images, Price Comparison Shopping, Affiliate Feeds, MSN and more!

Great Extras
Set a signup bonus, Set Minimum Bids, Accept Payment From Many Different Credit Card Processors, upload Excel Spreadsheets, Choose from Many Different External Feeds, and use Google Adsense

Pay Per Click and Pay Per Month Listings with Ad Boxes, Directory Listings, Banner Listings, Standard Classified Listings, and Upgrade 1 + 2 Package Listings

We have the toughest security in the business. We don't discuss everything that it does, but we can say that you can block users by ip address, host, and country.

Special Information Pages
Top Keywords, Popular Sites, Top Rated Sites, What's New and 3 Great Selling Pages!

The Spider comes standard with your purchase. You enter a url and the spider grabs all of the urls on that site to a depth you select.

The engine is made up of templates which you have free access to edit as you wish.

And More!
Search Engine Friendly URLs, Thumbnails, Optional Framed Links, and more!



Extreme Executive Limited Edition v7.0 null,Extreme Executive Limited Edition v7.0 nulled,Extreme Executive Limited Edition v7.0,free null script,null script,nulled script,Extreme Executive nulled script,Extreme Executive null script

Elite Gaming Ladders v3 Preview

Elite Gaming Ladders v3 Preview Null

Elite Gaming Ladders v3 Preview Null


* Fast , server friendly Code with a single MySQL Database
* Simple Installation with help files
* Suitable For All Game and Platform Types (FPS, Sports, PS3, PC, etc)
* Javascript Effects To Smooth Everything Out
* Mostly open script to allow easy customization
* Easily Change The looks and layout with One File

Ladder and Tournament Features

* Unlimited Ladder Capacity (Singles, Team)
* Unlimited Tournament Capacity (Singles, Team) NEW on V3
* Automated Ranking System
* Challenge Based System on ladders ENHANCED on V3
* Report a WIN as well as a loss on ladder and tournament matches NEW on V3
* Automatic randomized first round entrants on Tournaments NEW on V3
* Strike / Warning System
* Automatic Byes on odd tournament brackets NEW on V3
* Play-by-dates for each round on Tournament brackets NEW on V3
* Map Randomizer
* Game Mode randomizer NEW on V3
* Ladder Page Organized By Admin Defined Groups
* Clan Manager With Profile Editor, and War Light ENHANCED on V3
* Members Can Join Current Teams, or Make Their Own.
* Team Leaders can copy existing teams to new ladders NEW on V3
* Clan Profile Page With Full Contact Details (MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Co-L AIM, ect.) ENHANCED on V3
* Ladder standings with Crown, Blasts, Stats, XP
* King System (War for Crown)
* Automatic Ticket creation on disputed results NEW on V3
* Private Ladders and Tournaments NEW on V3
* Pay-To-Play Ladders and Tournaments NEW on V3
* Regional flag notifications on Ladders NEW on V3
* MatchFinder system ENHANCED on V3
* New Mods for Upcoming Matches, Instant Matches and Top Ten Teams NEW on V3

Social Networking Features

* Each Members Gets Their Own Mailbox With Team Invites, And Friend Invites
* Integration on registration and latest forum posts with PHPBB3.0 NEW on V3
* Member Profiles With Contact Information, About Me, Comments And More ENHANCED on V3
* Friends System / Ability To Become Private
* Tell-A-Friend system NEW on V3
* Members Can Comment on News
* Easily add cool blocks such as YouTube videos, Live Chat, anything PHP based
* Dynamic GamerCards integrated into site, showing stats with selectable graphics NEW on V3
* News features on ALL site pages NEW on V3

Admin Control Panel

* Admin Control Panel / Staff System
* Different Permissions For Each Staff Member
* Referee Ticket Manager
* Ladder and Staff Group Manager
* UserGroup Manager
* General script configuration settings ENHANCED on V3

Other Special Features

* Find a Match System With War Lights Integrated ENHANCED on V3
* Ticket System With Admin Reply's Staff Member Assign
* Advertisement Areas NEW on V3
* Drop-down menu system NEW on V3
* New portal home page with interchangeable Mods NEW on V3
* Use of flash for smooth transitional effects NEW on V3
* Multiple Templates - Your members can choose their own template
* Full Member List With Letter Select
* Paypal integration on UserGroups for Pay-to-Play matches NEW on V3
* Full Featured Free Agent System With Commenting
* Custom Field Manager
* Full Search System By ID or Name ENHANCED on V3
* Staff Applications (One Per IP)

PHP Code:
PHP Code:

Most Usefull 30 Websites Clone Scripts






Yahoo_Answers_Clone clone clone clone

~censored~ clone clone script clone Search Engine Clone Clone

~Imageshack Doesnt Want PW users Hosting Images!~ Clone

IP Chicken clone

MeGA Cheat v1.1 clone Clone

Proxy clone

Rapidsendit Clone Clone

~censored~ Clone clone Clone Clone clone Clone Clone

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mass Installer Yacg 3.01 + Yacgmi 1.5.1

Mass Installer Yacg 3.01 + Yacgmi 1.5.1 | Size 351 Kb

Introducing [YACG] Mass Installer — The ultimate tool to create massive amounts of ready to be monetized sites from the ground up! From keyword research to template generation... [YACG] Mass Installer got you covered.
If you ever wanted to setup hundreds of quality sites but been torn away with all the hassle of creating your sites — Now is your chance!


Raffle Site Script PLR

Raffle Site Script PLR | Size 2.5 Mb

The Raffle Site Script was designed to help anyone kick their list building efforts into high gear instantly!

With this script, you can run a raffle offering as many different prizes as you want (digital, home delivery & pickup prizes are accepted), and the script will run fully automated down to running the raffle on it's own and doing the delivery of digital prizes instantly to winners!

This is a HANDS FREE list building magnet!

Run Either Free Raffles or Raffles for Profit!

You can use the Raffle Site Script to run Free Raffles (raffles in which people get in for free in exchange of becoming a part of your mailing list) anywhere in the world!

Running your own FREE Raffle is the MAIN feature of the software, but we've also added a tidbit more....

You can also use the Raffle Site Script to run Raffles for Profits (raffles in which people pay XX amount of money for each ticket to the raffle); these types of raffles are illegal in the USA, but most everyone else in the world can benefit from this feature. If you live outside the USA, please check with your authorities to see if paid raffles are legal in your country.
Run an Unlimited Amount of Raffles!

After each raffle drawing is done, the script will AUTOMATICALLY archive all the tickets from each raffle for you.

This way you can setup a new raffle every time, choose to run the same raffle every so often, etc. etc. Giving you the flexibility to do whatever you want!
Having More Options = Having More Control!

Check Out These Amazing Features & Benefits!

The Raffle Site Script is Packed With Features!

* Fully accessible and customizable PHP script!
* Use the Raffle Site Script on an Unlimited Amount of domains/websites that you own!
* Allows only 1 prize per Ticket(s) Owner for Fairness!
* Runs 100% Automatedly for your convenience!
* Confirms All Orders With PayPal for Right Price, Pay-to Email and Validity!
* Lets you limit the maximum amount of tickets per member!
* Lets you setup Raffles in Which Everyone Wins or Not (your choice)!
* You can run an unlimited amount of Raffles with the script!
* Comes with an Easy to Use Web Page Editor Built Right into the Script!
* You will have Full Control as to Every Single Detail of your site!
* It uses a Web Template system to help you change the way the script looks instantly!
* Can be set to run FREE raffles to use as a List Builder Utility!


Model Agency Manager v2.0

Model Agency Manager v2.0 | Size 500 Kb

If you are looking for software to manage an online modeling agency, this thoughtfully designed modeling agency manager is just the tool you need.
Need a custom package? We can customize your package for you. Need additional features? No problem. Make a wise investment in your business. Power your online modeling agency with a reliable, proven powerful application.

The modeling agency management application is a full set of tools in a single package that allows you to run a paid subscription online modeling agency.
The program is built around a template system so that you can modify the HTML templates easily to suit your specific needs. Your site can have any style of appearance you want.
Maintain a huge database of information.
Models can create portfolios and resumes, updatable at any time just by logging into their secure account. You set the limit on the number of photos a model can upload.
Casting agents/agencies can create accounts and post their casting notices to the job bank. You set the limit on the number of casting notices any agent/agency can have in the database.
Photographers can add their contact information as well as upload portfolios and resumes.
Built-in gateway to handle subscriptions. You set access rights to determine what members can access without subscribing and what they cannot.
Casting agents can browse models portfolios.
Models can search job listings and photographer listings.
Onsite messaging system for internal member to member contact.



DynaTracker | Size 172 kb

"How to dramatically increase your results from referral, pay-per-clicks, banners, and emails while slashing your marketing expenses - guaranteed!"

What’s your most effective marketing?
How do you know which clicks turn into leads, and how which leads turn into sales? How do you know what your best referral sources are? How do you know what wording is most effective?

DynaTracker will tell you precisely and accurately what’s working and what’s not. Track your referrals, pay-per-clicks, banners, text links, e-zine ads, classified ads, link exchanges, newsgroups, e-mails, e-books, autoresponders and more!

Are your reported results accurate and reliable?
If not, you're being robbed! You need an independent tracking system that shows you, in one easy to use control panel, all of your marketing, every ad, every key word, every link.

Want to know which ads are bringing you sales? No problem! Want to track newsletter signups? No problem! Need to determine which pay-per-click search engine is sending you the most leads? No problem!

Install DynaTracker on your server and get accurate, reliable, centralized results on all of your marketing efforts in one easy-to-use system!

DynaTracker features...

Track clicks, sales, actions and redirects
Support for unlimited campaigns and ads
Lightening quick MySQL database handles millions of visitors, sales, actions and redirects
Powerful stats lets you pinpoint which campaigns are working and which are not. Get a broad overview of all your campaigns, or zoom in to see day-by-day stats for any campaign or ad
Runs directly on your server — use your URLs, not some other company's
Instantly create and track sales, actions and redirects using the flexible HTML generator
Use static or dynamic tracking links
Extremely easy setup — install in less than 15 minutes. No obscure text files to edit - it's all done right in your browser
One click database backup and restore
Clutter-free administration system lets you work quickly and easily
Live, unlimited tech support and online help manual
Runs on just about any web server - Windows, Unix and Linux!

Is it difficult to use?

DynaTracker is incredibly easy to use. Simply organize your campaigns based on the type of advertising you will do, create your ads and copy and paste the tracking URLs. General and in-depth stats are always just a few clicks away.


Hivemail v1.31

Hivemail v1.31 | Size 2 Mb

Hivemail® is a PHP Webmail Script. It enables you to run your own Webmail Service. With my patch it is running smoothly also on shared servers.

Patch3 is worth the money. It fixes countless bugs of the original stable and adds some features you only find in professional webmail solutions.

Support is my primary focus! I know my business and it's quite hard if not impossible to find another Hivemail-competent person out there.

I provide the patch only, not the script. The script isn't sold anymore b/c silently vanished 2 years ago. I jumped into the scene to code the update many customers were waiting for.
Put a license request into the forum if you need the script.


Niche RSS Feed Generator

Niche RSS Feed Generator | Size 206 Kb

"Who Else Wants Automatic Updating Fresh Niche Targeted Content For Your Websites And Blogs, That Can Earn You More Money From Affiliate Sales!."

Did You Know? You Can Get RSS Feeds For All The Content You Need For Your Websites Including Videos, Ebooks, Bookmarks & Podcasts.

Why Not Let The niche EXPERTS Do The Hard Work, And The Writting For You... Just Plugin Their RSS Feeds For Automatic Money Websites.

Get Your FREE Niche Keyword Targeted Content From Youtube, Google, Yahoo, Metacafe, Flickr, Amazon, Ebay, Clickbank and more...

Dear Content Publisher,

You need regular fresh content for our websites and blogs, right?

Oh trust me, I know exactely what you mean. I personally have a number of websites and blogs that need regular new content and I know how frustrating and annoying it may become when you have update these websites manually.

Getting articles and other new content written is may become very expensive, especially if you plan to update your websites on a regular basis. It's not like you really have a choice anyway because inorder to keep your website interesting and also to increase your traffic you have to keep your content fresh.

You Know, Search Engines Love Fresh Content...

With all this in mind, I went searching for a solution to help me save money on getting content written as well as time updating those websites. That's when I ran into RSS feeds. Thank the Lord for RSS feeds, they are really a life saver.

RSS feeds allow you to publish content written by other people on your website for free and never have to worry about updating your website because the owner of the feed will take care of that. Ofcourse, the content will have links back to their website, but I can deal with that.

Now I can easily set up automatic updating blogs and websites in just a few minutes, and never have to worry about them again.

But, here's the real kicker.

I recently ran into RSS feeds that you can plugin your affiliate ID and you will get paid commission on all sales you make from each post you make on your blog. So now not only do you get fresh content but you can also get paid from publishing that fresh content on your website or blog.

Let's not forget the 'old school' method of making money from publisher networks such as Yahoo, Google Adsense, Bidvertiser etc. You know the now infamous pay per click method, that has made a lot of people rich and a lot more really frustrated.

Introducing, the brand new software...

"Easily Creates 12 Niche RSS Feeds
You Can Plugin To Your Websites & Blogs"

In just 5 easy steps, this desktop software creates...

Creates Niche Article RSS Feeds From

Creates Latest News RSS Feeds From Yahoo &

Creates Video RSS Feeds From Google, Youtube & Metacafe.

Creates Affiliate ID embedded RSS Feeds From Clickbank, Amazon & Ebay.

Creates RSS Feeds From Tags.

Creates Niche Keyword Targetted Podcast RSS Feeds Too.

This easy to use software will create all these feeds for you at once and you can save them into a text file for future use too. You will get 12 Niche keyword targeted RSS feeds, to put enough content on your blogs and websites. These feeds are all from different sources that if you were to publish them on one blog, your visitors and search engines will have more fresh content than they can handle.

Also, the keyword targeting feature, allows you to be able to publish content in super targeted niches, reducing the risks of duplicate content. If you're serious about getting fresh content for your blogs and websites, you should get this software right now and start using it today.

Ok, How Much Is It Going Cost You...

Do you want to know what it will cost you to get this incredible money making software, software that will blast your traffic & income through the roof?


Yes, for the price of a fast food dinner you will have full access to this software for unlimited lifetime usage on unlimited websites and blogs.

Why Only $19.97?

I'm only charging $19.97 for this software, and not giving this it away, for 2 reasons.

1. $19.97 puts the software within reach of the vast majority of people. It's not too expensive for even the humblest beginning online businessperson.

2. Anyone who's not serious enough about fresh content to invest $19.97 into this software isn't going to take the time to use the feeds generated anyway.


Phone File Upload and File Hosting Script

Phone File Upload and File Hosting Script | Size Mb

The script comes with the design shown on the demo site Free wap hosting for different file types. Put ringtones, wallpapers, themes, etc. on your phone for free. Admin can delete files after N days on the server. How To Use Wap-pal : 1- upload the file you want in the main page 2- click on Send File 3- you will get an ID for your file 4- open wap browser in your mobile phone and write the url of the site 5- enter the ID and download the file.


Soashable - Web-based IM for AIM, MSN and Yahoo Networks

Soashable - Web-based IM for AIM, MSN and Yahoo Networks | Size 4.9 Mb

Soashable is a new web-based multi-protocol messenger client. It currently supports AOL, MSN and Yahoo networks.

Soashable is a completely open-source (GPL) IM client, built on the Xmpp4Js (LGPL) XMPP library for Javascript. It communicates with an XMPP server using XEP-0124/XEP-0206 HTTP Binding, and provides end-user functionality comparable to Meebo (but is in no way affiliated with Meebo).

CWhois Domain Cart 2.1

CWhois Domain Cart 2.1 | Size 148 Kb

To create cWhois Domain Cart we took our successful cWhois system and added a shopping cart and support for many payment processors. This winning combination allows your clients to check the availabiity of domain names and to order them along with hosting if required. Connection to payment processors such as Paypal, 2CO and others means that the cart will work easily with your existing site. By using our cWhois script the cart supports over 400 domain extensions. Best of all is that cWhois Domain Cart can be easily added to most site layouts in moments.


* Uses PHP available on most Unix and Windows servers
* Works with over 400 global and international domain extensions (see full list)
* Checks availability of domain name
* Lookup feature for domains already registered
* Any registration periods and prices allowed for each domain extension
* Compatible with .name extension ( and (
* Option to select hosting package for each domain name chosen
* Allows hosting only (user can enter domain with any extension)
* Domain transfers and renewals supported
* Two operating modes - fully shopping cart and simple hosting mode
* Supports .eu (DAS and whois lookup)
* IDN support (accents) for .com, .net .de .at .ch .li,.no, .dk and .se
* Option to suggest domain names based on keyword and category
* Easy to add to your own page layout - just two lines needed.
* Easy to include only the extensions that you require or wish to support
* Support for 2CO, Paypal, Stormpay, Nochex,, Network1, Centipaid, Moneybookers, Bluepaid, Caixagalicia, CDG Commerce, Internet Secure, ePN, MetaCharge, eGold, Payson, Setcom, Secpay, Picpay, Linkpoint, Mals eCommerce, Paymate, Google Checkout, PagSeguro, iDeal and AlertPay payment processing
* Supports manual payment processing if preferred
* Supports recurring billing where allowed by the payment processor. For details click here
* Easy to add support for other payment processors
* Uses language files for easy translation
* User defined fields for order contact form
* User defined email messages
* Support for Google Checkout and Paymate payment processing new feature
* Support for AlertPay new feature
* Hosting plan specific domain prices can be set. This allows you to provide free domains with certain hosting plans for example new feature
* One or two tier tax system
* Optional SMS text alert on order recieved. Requires Clickatell account
* Uses a CSS Style sheet to allow easy control of fonts, colours etc
* Turing (CAPTCHA) code option for checkout form and lookups
* Excellent documentation and technical support
* Regular updates
* Free updates and support for one year

cWhois Domain Cart works on most Linux or Windows servers whether shared or dedicated. Just check that the server has PHP 4 or PHP 5 installed (most do). We advise clients to download and read the manual (see above) before purchasing.


Super Bir Web Hosting Script

Super Bir Web Hosting Script | Size 5 Mb V3 V3 | Size 222 Kb

Launch Soon Script

Launch Soon Script | Size 1.2 Mb

Got your domain name but haven't built a website yet? No problem. The Launch Soon script will allow you to easily create a splash screen enabling you to start generating buzz for your business, within minutes! It will automatically collect emails from potential clients, leaving you to get on and build your website. Fully plug and play, a total breeze to set up...

Easy to install: just setup and copy
Start in less than 5 minutes
Countdown until the launch
No database required
Default template is included
Customise the looks using CSS
Collects all emails in a file
Informs the admin of new subscribers
Spam protection
Support for templates
AJAX backend
Web 2.0 look and feel
Complete source code
Contact page [new]
MySQL importing script [new]


Blog Matrix Pro

Blog Matrix Pro | Size 1.8 Mb

"Dominate Any Niche With The Cutting Edge Software That Automatically Generates An Army Of Search Engine Friendly Blogs... Quickly And Easily!"

Username: demo
Password: demo


Theme Site Script v1.0

Theme Site Script v1.0 | Size 1.4 Mb

Program Name : ThemeSiteScript
Version : 1.0
WST Rel Date : Oct 31, 2007
Program Author : Agares Media

Retail Price : $32.99
WST Price : Always 100% free
Supplied by : Kakalot
Nulled by : Kakalot
Tested by : Kakalot
Project by : WST
Distribution : via WST distros/dumps
Protection : Links,Copyright,Meta
Compatibility : Win32/Linux/Unix
Language : PHP
Requirements : PHP/MySQL
Documentation : Check the /docs/ folder

Script Info:
ThemeSiteScript is the literally the only choice currently for those looking to run their
own theme site in the vein of, and other similar theme sites.
Luckily, we've built ThemeSiteScript on the rock solid foundation of AMCMS,
which powers Arcadem Pro, phpAutoVideo, and AgaresWriter, meaning you already have a powerful
front end and backend system to easily create and manage your content.
And like all our scripts, installation is a breeze.


MP3Street Music Sharing Community Script

MP3Street Music Sharing Community Script | Size 1.2 Mb

Flash MP3 Player - Flash and PHP

Flash MP3 Player - Flash and PHP | Size 202 Kb

Theme Site Script - Run Your Own Theme or Templates Site!

Theme Site Script | Size 5 Mb

ThemeSiteScript is the literally the only choice currently for those looking to run their own theme site in the vein of, and other similar theme sites. Luckily, we've built ThemeSiteScript on the rock solid foundation of AMCMS, which powers Arcadem Pro, phpAutoVideo, and AgaresWriter, meaning you already have a powerful front end and backend system to easily create and manage your content. And like all our scripts, installation is a breeze!

ThemeSiteScript Features
- Run your own theme site in minutes
- Integrated blogging system and RSS feeds
- Full user system, with or without user activation
- Social bookmarking links on each theme and article
- AJAX based, 5 star rating system
- Integrated tagging system
- Categories and sub-categories
- 7 different skins for ThemeSiteScript installed
- Rearrange your content with just a few clicks
- Complete meta-tag and robots.txt control for better SEO
- Full WYSIWYG page editor/CMS to increase SEO
- Native support for AdSense, TLA, and pop-ups
- Theme reviews to increase your SEO
- Easy to use skin engine
- User friendly, graphically appealing, easy to setup


Iono 2.6.1

Iono 2.6.1

iono 2 is a flexible product deployment and licensing system designed to allow you to control every aspect of selling your software giving you more time to focus on developing your product. Automate the sales process, distribute files to your customers, invoice them for extra services and track where your product is installed. The key features are summarised below.


* PHP4 & PHP5 supported across many platforms - Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac etc
* Independently security audited by Gulftech Research and Development
* Viewable source code (depending upon license)
* Full support provided through the customer forums, e-mail and live chat with emergency cover 24/7
* Detailed documentation provided for all aspects of iono


* Store your products in a private directory and have iono distribute them securely to customers on demand
* Provide latest build downloads by having iono automatically export from SVN or CVS
* Package source code into zip, tar or tar.gz files and then distribute them to customers
* Dynamically encode your source code on demand with integration into any command line encoder such as ionCube Encoder or Zend Guard

Developer Friendly

* Detailed developer documentation
* API, hooks and events systems
* Fully documented source code using phpDoc syntax
* Integrate into your products in many different ways including latest version update integration and local license keys

Sales Management

* Automated order processing with options to manually approve orders
* New order SMS notifications
* Anti fraud tools
* Issue custom invoices to any customers
* Sell core licenses and optional extras with individual versions and downloads
* Offer discount vouchers baeed on a percentage or specific value
* Allow resellers to sell your products with bulk discounts
* Stats and graphs for customers, licenses, invoices and extras
* Affiliate system integration
* Country & US state based taxes
* Supported payment gateways include:
o 2checkout
o Authorize.Net
o eGold
o Google Checkout
o Moneybookers
o PayPal
o Protx
o WorldPay

more info @

Online Manga Viewer script

- Sorted by alphabetically and numerically (lo - hi)
- Full-sized view, resized view
- Autoflip and shortcut keyboard key (CRTL -> or <- ) - Download entire manga chapter/volume in a single archive (ZIP file, disabled by default) - And more! Installation: - extract, upload it - CHMOD 777 -> mangaviewer_cache

Download + mirrors:

[] Imagevue V2 - Professional Image Gallery


Imagevue is an online flash image gallery for your web site. It is easy to set up, and to update your photo gallery with new images, all you need to do is upload the photos to your web server - Everything else is automatic! Imagevue consists of the photo album, the slideshow, and the admin. Together they are the Imagevue software package!


Oempro v3.6.6 Nulled

|| ########################################################################## ||
|| # __ ______ _______ ___ _____ __________ _ ____ ___________ # ||
|| # / |/ / | / ____(_) | / ___// ____/ __ \(_) __ \/_ __/ ___/ # ||
|| # / /|_/ / /| | / /_ / / /| | \__ \/ / / /_/ / / /_/ / / / \__ \ # ||
|| # / / / / ___ |/ __/ / / ___ |___/ / /___/ _, _/ / ____/ / / ___/ / # ||
|| # ⌐/_/ /_/_/ |_/_/ /_/_/ |_/____/\____/_/ |_/_/_/ /_/ /____/ # ||
|| # # ||
|| # MAFiASCRiPTS # ||
|| #------------------------------------------------------------------------# ||
|| # Copyright ⌐ Octeth, 2008 # ||
|| #------------------------------------------------------------------------# ||
|| # # ||
|| # NAME : Oempro # ||
|| # VERSION : 3.6.6 # ||
|| # TYPE : Email Marketing & Management # ||
|| # SUPPLIED : MS Supplier # ||
|| # WEBSITE : # ||
|| # MST PRICE : 100% FREE # ||
|| # DISTRO : VIA MS # ||
|| # DEMO : # ||
|| # ADDONS : n/a # ||
|| # XTRA NOTE : props goes to the contributors of this project # ||
|| # DOCS : n/a # ||
|| # # ||
|| #------------------------------ DESCRiPTiON -----------------------------# ||


Arcadem Pro v2.801



Arcadem Pro Features

- Integrated blogging system and RSS feeds
- Sitemap generation to help your site get fully indexed
- Social bookmarking/web 2.0 links on each game & article
- Multi-tasking admin system with a desktop/window like interface
- 10 different themes installed by default
- GZIP Compression on pages for quicker load times
- Rearrange your articles, games, and content with just a few clicks
- Complete meta-tag and robots.txt control for better SEO
- Full WYSIWYG page editor/CMS to increase unique content and search engine rankings
- Full cache system for increased performance and lower bandwidth
- English, French, German, and Spanish frontend modules
- Native support & admin area for AdSense, TLA, and pop-ups
- Game reviews to increase your search engine rankings with more original content
- Detailed integrated site statistics for analysis of your visitors
- Search engine friendly URLs available for games
- Easy to use theme engine, inspired after the Wordpress theme system
- 500 games included FREE, with over 3500+ games available in total
- Full user system, including optional email or admin activation
- Token system forces guests to register after their tokens are spent
- Email a friend and suggested games feature.
- MySpace embed code to help virally spread your site
- User friendly, graphically appealing, easy to setup
- Only $49.99 $29.99



DOWNLOAD v2.803 update and security fix (nulled files)

DOWNLOAD v2.804 latest updates (nulled files)

x10 Micro Blogging Community v1.2

x10 Micro Blogging Community v1.2 | Size 789 Kb

x10 Micro Blogging Community is the easy and fun way to share things with the world! Share your thoughts, ramblings, websites, images and much more. Express yourself, and start a website with a lot of the same features as
Script also includes a Wordpress Theme to match the look of your site so you can have a wordpress blog as well.

Server Requirements
• MySQL (version 4.3 or higher)
• PHP (version 4.3 or higher)
• Ioncube (this will not in anyway impact on the ability to modify the script)
• GD Library 2
*Please note that most of these requirements are already installed by 90% + web hosts.

Script Features
This script is packed with features. Just check out some of the highlights below! To many to list!
User Side:

- Easy Navigation
Navigate the script easily with friendly links, urls, and very easy and friendly design.
- Ajax Tabs
Posts, Images, and Url Tabs are all ajax with no refresh.
- Micro Blogs
Post sayings, what your doing, where you been, where your going, simple things..
- Widget
Users can Embed a Widget on to there myspace, anywhere they like that will automatically update with new posts when posted on your site.
- User Registration
Users can sign up to post blogs, images, links and lots more.
- User Profiles
Users will have there own profiles where users can quickly see all there posts.
- Widget Uses
Users can use the widget to use as a news update, friends update, and more! Can be for a whole type of crowd.
More Coming soon


iAuto Version 4.3 Multi-Language

iAuto SEO-Friendly Vehicle Classifieds Software | Size 5 Mb

iAuto is a flexible vehicle classifieds system to build advanced vehicle classifieds websites. iAuto is suitable for car, bike, boat, aircraft, horse, RV, or truck classifieds websites or any combination thereof.

iAuto is designed for both vehicle dealers that can build their websites iAuto, as well as for Web developers that can use iAuto for various custom projects.

iAuto at a glance:

* iAuto for Cars or Boats available
* Multi-language interface
* Translation and lang file import/export
* SEO-fiendly URLs, custom meta tags
* SEO-optimized ad browsing for best indexing by SE's
* UK and US Postal code/distance search
* User groups (individuals, dealers, etc)
* Attractive website themes
* Paypal, 2Checkout, and Authorize.NET integrated
* Powerful built-in CMS and WYSIWYG editors
* Multiple listing types (cars, trucks, boats, accessories)
* Third party ad import and export


MiLyrics v1.1.0

MiLyrics v1.1.0 | Size 325 Kb


Username: MiLyrics
Password: demo

• Template Driven
• Administration Panel
• Lyric Approval
• Lyric Corrections
• Partner Sites (Affiliates)
• Search Lyrics
• Filter Words From Lyrics
• Request Lyrics
• Plus More


DMXReady PayPal Store Manager

PayPal Store Manager | Size 447 Kb

DMXReady provides web professionals and do-it-yourselfers with an easy way to add robust database-driven content to their websites. From Content Management Systems (CMS) to security, e-commerce, and other solutions, DMXReady applications turn static web pages into dynamic website environments. Best of all they are easy to install, easy to use, and come at a fraction of the cost of developing from scratch.

Accept PayPal and Credit Card Payments Through Your Website
DMXReady PayPal Manager allows you to turn your website into an e-commerce marketplace.

* Sign up for a PayPal Business Account directly from PayPal Manager
* Change PayPal administration settings and connections on one page
* Add pre-configured PayPal button, or customize and use your own
* Includes DMXReady Catalog Manager to organize and display products
* Automatically processes payments, 24/7
* Includes pre-configured MS Access database (MS Access not required)
* Fully customizable - change the Login page to match your website design, and add different layers of protection
* Integrate with other DMXReady apps like Secure Login Manager

DMXReady PayPal Manager makes creating your own e-commerce site easier!

Powerful Apps That Are Easy To Use From DMXReady
DMXReady brings the power of database-driven applications that are easy to install, and easy to use. All scripts and HTML code are fully open source so that you can blend every DMXReady application seamlessly with your own web design, and customize them to meet your needs. Built in Dreamweaver, but editable with any HTML editor including Microsoft FrontPage.


vBulletin 3.7.4 Nulled

vBulletin 3.7.4 | Size 3.5 Mb
vBulletin is a professional, affordable community forum solution. Thousands of clients, including many industry leading blue chip companies, have chosen vBulletin - It's the ideal choice for any size of community.

Making your site a hub for information and discussion encourages visitors to return again and again. It's also a highly effective way of improving your service to customers or users of your website. Our dedicated development team constantly strives to keep vBulletin at the forefront of new Internet innovations, while always keeping an eye on security and performance.



Mp3 Music Website

Mp3 Music Website | Size 1.4 Mb

Opial Audio Jukebox with Download Management is the no-hassle online music solution for personal/fan/religious/music websites. Provide an entire collection of MP3/Audio files to your audience and let them play music on your website in embedded player! Opial saves all MP3/Songs information in mysql database.

User end Features:
# View Automatic Update
# Search songs by Artist/Album/Songs
# View top 10 albums
# View top 10 artists
# View top 10 weblinks
# View top 10 downloads
# View 10 new albums
# View 10 new emails sent
# View 10 new searches
# View featured downloads
# View current downloads
# View songs playing now
# View different advertisements on albums page
# View all artists by alphabets
# View all albums by alphabets
# View artist by A to Z alphbates
# View albums by A to Z alphabets
# View/Add weblinks
# View total albums/songs on artist page
# View all albums/songs of artist
# View file size/file format of songs
# View today/total downloads of songs
# Add reviews on album pages
# Download audio/video files in zip format
# Email audio/video file to friend
# Report dead links
# Rate songs from 1 to 5
# View website stats
# View audio/video stats
# Play songs in embedded player
# Play mutliple songs
# Play all artist songs of an artist
# Play all album songs of an album

Front Admin Features

# Add Genres/Artists/Albums/Songs
# Upload covers for Genres/Artists/Albums/Songs
# Add remote url covers for Genres/Artists/Albums/Songs
# Without covers are shown as N/A images
# Add songs manually using file manager
# Add songs in bulk
# Delete artists/albums/songs multiple
# Add optional file size/kbps/type
# Add/Approve/Delete weblinks
# Add main page header footer advertisement
# Add advertisements on every album page
# Make songs featured
# Edit email templates
# View/delete album reviews
# View/delete dead links
# View/delete email sent
# Set your default email address
# Set number of songs to show on album page
# Set number of artist to show on album page
# Set auto weblinks approvement
# Set multiple songs directory
# Set to show bold new links for new albums for days
# Receive dead link reports to your email
# Set whether to show advertisement
# Change your password
# Supports all audio/video formats
# Change embedded players
# Choose flash player/real player or windows media player
# Choose whether to enable/disable play links

Opial audio jukebox is the simple solution for providing audio music online in embedded player on your website.

You will need PHP 4.3.6 or better (4.3+ highly recommended) to operate the software on your server and MySQL 3.22 or better (4.0.15+ recommended)

(Mp3 Music Website nulled)


Interspire Shopping Cart v4.0 - Vendor Edition

Shopping Cart Software That Grows With You | Size 30 Mb

Interspire Shopping Cart is fully-featured e-commerce software which over 5,000 business owners just like you are already using to sell online. It was built to grow with you and includes everything you need to sell online:

* Easily customize your store. Using just your mouse you can easily change your store's template, layout, text and logo. No programming knowledge required and you can do it yourself!

* Integrates with YOUR payment and shipping providers. We integrate with over 30 payment and shipping providers including PayPal, Google Checkout, UPS, USPS, Royal Mail and Australia Post.

* Sell online and in store. Your customers can order through your secure online store using their credit card or you can even accept and process phone and in-store orders too!

* Built-in content management system. As well as showing product details and selling online you can also publish news and add web pages such as "About Us" or "FAQ's" to your website.

* Money making marketing tools. Create and send your own newsletter, distribute coupon codes and setup time-sensitive special offers. No other shopping cart software includes this many marketing tools out of the box.


RaXzz - Adult Video Broadcasting

RaXzz - Adult Video Broadcasting | Size 4.3 Mb

RaXzz was developed because we noticed that one of the biggest users of Rayzz was for the online adult video sharing industry. Time and again we received requests to ’strip down’ the default features of Rayzz and come up with a more cost effective solution.

Well, we listened and we have responded. The result is RaXzz. It is based on the same framework as Rayzz, but with many community features removed, allowing the adult webmaster to focus on what their users want: videos and photos.

As this is a ‘lite’ version of Rayzz, many of the video playback and streaming functions have been tweaked and improved for optimum performance.

How is RaXzz different from Rayzz?

Although they are both built on the same framework, Rayzz is more geared towards webmasters who want to create a thriving community of users and has social networking at it’s core. Adult video sites are more focused on the media delivery rather than building the social side of the site.

For this reason, you can think of RaXzz as a ‘lite’ version of Rayzz which focuses on video playback and photo sharing - the two things that are critical to an adult video sharing site.

So does RaXzz have to be used for an adult site?

No, not strictly. If you want to launch a video sharing site for some other niche but don’t require all the features of Rayzz, then you can use RaXzz and customize the design easily.

What features does RaXzz include then?

By default, RaXzz includes the following features:

* Video Sharing (including private videos
* Photos
* Banner advertising management
* Search engine friendly URL’s
* Optimized for the search engines and easy crawling


PhotoStore V.3.5.1

PhotoStore - Web based software to publish & sell your images & videos online | Size 1.5 Mb
PhotoStore allows you to setup a complete photo selling website on your server or hosting space in just minutes. Perfect for professional photographers looking to sell their images or prints to their customers online. It also works for anyone who would like to run a stock type site. It is specially great for event photographers such as weddings, sports, kids sports, animal shows, races, concerts, and many more. This allows event photographers to upload their complete event for viewing both by public, or private clients. Which most event photographers turn profits from prints or downloads. Not only can you produce sales, but this is a complete professional website package that can land you new clients.


Clip-Share Pro 4.0.9 With 4 Templates

Clip-Share Pro 4.0.9 With 4 Templates | Size 6 Mb

With a huge variety of features and options, at an extremely affordable price, ClipShare is the ultimate script for starting your highly profitable video sharing community website just like the big boys: Youtube, DailyMotion, MySpace Videos or Google Video.

- fixed subscriber packages info in siteadmin
- fixed clipshare version bug introduced by 4.0.6
- fixed subscriber notice in include/function.php
- fixed convert.php flv re-conversion bug (only worked for flv, not for FLV)
- fixed categories/ID/TITLE_UTF8 not found error
- fixed friends photo display in userfriends
- fixed friends photo display in users/USERNAME/friends
- fixed type in siteadmin static pages edit
- fixed typo and notices in upload_success
- fixed mailing return true/false
- added more languages
- added tags fix for 3.0.1 to 4.x (see upgrade/upgrade3.0.1_FINAL_to_4.0.tags_fix.php)

Changed files:

- fixed rss feeds not found bug when installed in a subfolder
- fixed security problem in msg.php (a loggedin user was able to view any message (Thanks Artanis))
- fixed check system in siteadmin (missing logs, sessions, thumbs and uploader directories)
- fixed embed bug in view_video.tpl
- fixed poll add system (if the date was the same, date would be considered in the past)
- fixed notice in login
- fixed notice in login_data
- fixed paypal user account upgrade payment (Thanks Perspicacious)
- fixed friend private videos error
- fixed video links bug when SEO urls are not activated
- fixed view_video friends bug
- fixed scriptaculous errors
- fixed successfuly type (should be successfully)
- fixed uploadsuccess invalid video url and embed code
- language translations missing in templates

Changed files:

- fixed a security bug in templates/search.tpl (thanks phantom-a)
- typos in ufriends.tpl (thanks phantom-a)
- fixed avatar update problem (caching)
- fixed tags problem (see:

Changed files:


1. Edit /upload/cgi-bin/ in a text editor, and change the path to (where you will insall the script)/tmp/uploader/
2. Edit /upload/include/config.php in a text editor, and change the variables marked with "CHANGE HERE"
3. Edit /upload/include/dbconfig.php and enter your database info
4. Optional: Edit /upload/include/language.php to remove / add language files
5. Upload the contents (only the contents, not the folder itself) of the /upload folder on your server, in BINARY mode
6. Set write permissions (chmod 777) to the following folders:
7. Set execute permissions (chmod 755) to /cgi-bin and /cgi-bin/
8. Create database and database user. Import the database dump from /sql/clipshare.sql with phpmyadmin
9. Access your ClipShare Admin Panel at
Default admin user / password: admin / admin
- Change the admin user / password !!
- Change the site name, email, meta keywords, description, etc
- Optional: change different settings
- Create channels
- Add your advertising
- You can check if all requirements and configurations are met on the "System Check" page


Joovili 3.1.1

Joovili 3.1.1 | Size 3.2 Mb

Joovili has loads of great features and a wonderful design.
Your users will be able to create & customize their very own profile page, upload pictures, music, videos, rate users, post blogs and events, sign guestbooks, create groups, chat in the forums, upgrade their account and so much more! Joovili gives you the best performance on what a real community site needs!

Why choose Joovili?
Why not choose Joovili? Its powerful ... its cheap ... its amazing!
Its a rapidly growing script that allows you to run your social community 'or' dating site with all the modern features a profile/dating site should have. And to place the cherry on top, we are always planning on making it better! with your help of course. No matter whether you have purchased our software or not, we want to hear from you, Let us know your opinions and requests for Joovili.

My Mood
My mood allows your users to express how they are feeling at the time of being logged in. Their mood is displayed in smiley images representing 10 different expressions. The mood changer is located in the members area for easy management. The mood by default is set to happy and will also be displayed on their profile page.

My Notes
My notes is a javascript tool enabled in the members area. It allows your users to keep track on notes/reminders or for the general doodling.

The shoutbox/small chat can be found in the members area. This helps keep your members area page the local hangout for your users to stay logged into.

Play on my profile
When logged in and browsing the music section, users will be given the option to add a music upload to their profile page.

Status Updates NEW
This feature allows your users to let other users know of their status. For example, what they are doing/thinking etc. Users can update their status from their members area. Their status will then be displayed on their profile page for others to view.

Timezone selection NEW
This new feature allows your users to select their timezone settings so that content can be automatically be corrected to show the correct time for their location in the world.

Users can create polls for other users to vote on.

Users can create groups which are categorized for easy browsing. Group owners can specify whether to automatically/manually approve new members, display the group to non-members.
Groups have their own messaging area.

Users can list events which are also categorized for easy browsing. Events will display common details as well as a full description box for the creator to list any details they feel appropriate. Users attending the event will also be displayed.

Users can write to their personal blogs. They can also subscribe to other users blogs if they are regular reader. This makes it a lot easier for the reader as they will be notified via email of new blog entries. Users can also comment on blog entries.

Your users can sign one another's guestbook. This is a great way for your users to make friends while browsing users profiles.

Your users can send messages to one another (if not blocked). Admin can specify how many messages a day can be sent and whether or not to allow these users to view their sent messages. Notifications from admin(s) can also be managed/read from its own section of the my messages.

Music/Video Uploads
Your users can also upload music and videos to your website. You can manage the categories from the admin panel and also specify whether you want these uploads to be automatically approved for viewing or you would rather approve them yourself. Admin can also set how many uploads users can upload.

Your users can upload pictures to their profile page. Other users will be able to view them and if they wish, comment on them too. The picture owner can specify whether they want comments automatically approved or not. Admin can specify how many pictures users can upload and whether or not to automatically approve them.

Picture Albums NEW
Your users will now be able to manage their pictures by placing them into albums, making it easier for your users to organise and visitors to view.

The buddies section allows users to add other users to their friends list. The users buddies will also be displayed on their profile page. Admin can also specify how many buddies a user can add.

Buddy Request NEW
As of version 3.1.2, users will need to request to be another users buddy/friend. Only if the recipient approves will they be listed in each others buddies list. Users can set to not receive buddy requests via their settings.

Favourites allows your users to keep a private list of other users. Their favourites will not be displayed anywhere other than their favourites section when logged in.

Blocked List
Users can add other users to their blocked list. Adding a user to your block list will stop that user from sending you messages, rating you and commenting on any of your uploads/profile.

Users can rate one another (if not on blocked list). Users can also use the rating spy to see who has rated them and if they want to do some traveling, visit their rating history to see who they have rated in the past. Admin can specify which users can view rating spy and rating history.

Your users can send invites to their friends so they can be invited to join your website too. Senders will be able to manage the invites they have sent and also see whether their friend has signed up to your website or not.

If given the permission to by admin, users can view who has been checking out their profile page.

Customize Profile
If set to by admin, your users can upload a background image to their profile page as well as change all the common colours displayed on the profile page.

What better way of getting your users to interact than to have your own forums. Your users can create topics, post replies to other topics and discuss/chat as much as they want. You can also hire forum moderators to help keep your forums tidy.

Help/FAQ Section
To save all that time in replying to questions on how to do something on your website, the help section allows you to jot down all them frequently asked questions which can also be categorized for easy viewing.


X10Media MP3 Search V.1.6

X10Media MP3 Search V.1.6 | Size 716 Kb

x10 Automatic Mp3 Script is a free search engine for your users. Display THOUSANDS of free mp3 songs to your users with this simple to use search engine. Users can download, preview, rate and more from your very own website, and it AUTO UPDATES daily with fresh content! It's so simple to use, upload your files, install, setup your admin with ads, and your off! After ordering you can have your site setup in MINUTES, and running providing FREE Mp3's to your users. Upload it, let it sit, tell all your friends where to get free mp3's and make money!

Server Requirements
• MySQL (version 4 or higher)
• PHP (version 4.3 or higher)
• Ioncube Loaders (this will not in anyway impact on the ability to modify the script)
• Mod_Rewrite Enabled
Best performance and Optional Settings
• PHP (version 5+) optional

Script Features
This script is packed with features. Just check out some of the highlights below! To many to list!
User end:

- Easy Navigation
Navigate the script easily with friendly links, urls, and very easy and friendly design.
- Automatic Updating
Everything updates AUTOMATICALLY, upload, install, and leave it! Searches 3 MASSIVE MP3 search engines (more to come in the future) to provide your customers with LOTS of options!
- User Playlists
Users can create/delete there own playlists to enjoy on your site, and also embed them on to other sites. Check out the EASY no refresh adding!
- Lyrics Search
Users can search from HUNDREDS of THOUSDANDS of songs for any type of lyric!
- Info Page
Individual pages for songs to vote, rate, comment, and more!
- Comments
Users can leave comments on any one of the sounds
- Ajax Ratings
Vote each song by a 1 - 5 rating, done in ajax with a beautiful design. Check it out.
- Ajax Suggestion
With the search it will auto-populate a suggestion of an artist from the 16,000+ artists in the database! Check it out.
- File Details
Lists certain details about each song on the search, Artist, Genre and More
- Embed Songs
Users can click embed on a song and pops up in a nice web2.0 window so your user can easily post on there own website or myspace!
- No Huge Hosting
No need for huge hosting, as all file as remotely hosted, and the script is VERY small in size!
- Legal?
Yes your site will be completely legal as you do not host any content, and all content is downloaded from a 3rd party server!
- Preview Song
Preview, and listen to the song before you download. Plays in a nice flash mp3 player.
Mod_Rewrite on the search to help with SEO
- Search Feature
Easy Search feature. Search anything, artist, name, band Lots of options, LOTS of results.
- User Signup
Ability for users to sign up and create an account.
- Download Count
Keeps track of the total number of download on the site
- Recent Searches
Users can View the top 25 recent searches made on the site.
- Embed your Search
Users can embed your search on to there site, so there users can search your database (and land on your website!).
- Ads between Results
Ads between results for better CTR and ad Pay!

Admin End:

- Password Protected
Secured Admin section so nobody can login and change your settings.
- Complete Control of all Advertisements
Forms to be able to edit your advertisements all from the backend, so no need to edit the source code.
- Site Stats
See how many searches/downloads that were downloaded/searched on your site on a DAILY basis!
- Text Updates
Change your registration text, and users area news from the admin. No need of editing source code.
- Language
Easily change your script over to another language by editing one file!
- Update Title / Keywords / Description
Easily update your Title / Keywords / Description with the admin form.
- View Users
View the users you have, how many downloads, and information about them
- Change Colors
Change header, and result colors from the admin, to give your site a little different look.
- Comments
Delete / View / Moderate comments from the admin section with ease.
- Recent Tags
Delete / View the recent searches on the site, and also be able to delete the ones you do not like
- Ads between Results
Turn off/on the ads between results
- Add More Admins
Easily change any user to have admin privileges with a click of a mouse
- Delete User / Ban User
Ability to ban users and delete them
- Change Admin Username / Password
Ability to change your admin username and password.


Mirror v2 + Plugin v2 + Plugin | Size 1.2 Mb

- Full with Database
- Feauturing Over 500+ Movies
- Automatic Encrypting of Links with


OverGrab 1.6

OverGrab 1.6 - | Size 586 Kb

We are proud to announce another new release of our great software for our dedicated webmasters who have purchased OverGrab. Version 1.6 is now available in the members section.

The changes in this release include:
- Plugging of games to help send traffic back when trading traffic
- Shows category name on Mass Move for Search
- Few bug fixes including the .htaccess rewrite which was not compatible with all hosts

Some of the features of our script include:

Ability to add/edit/remove games via the admin panel
Manage site news announcements, FAQs, links, emails and private messaging between members
Ability to search and contact other members through PM (similar to a "dating" website)
Automated game grabbing system


Prestashop e-Commerce Shopping Cart Software 1.0

Prestashop 1.0 | Size 5.6 Mb

PrestaShop™ is professional e-Commerce shopping cart software that you can download and use for free
The big advantage of open-source software: you're never 'locked' to expensive commercial software.
Our dedicated team and growing user community join forces to fix bugs and add new functionality at a rate proprietary software companies can rarely claim. Join the Open Source revolution!


PG Dating Pro 8

PG Dating Pro 8 | Size 101 Mb

Professional Online Dating Software is a basis for your successful Dating, Networking, and Personals business. When choosing Dating Script you definitely need:

# Professional dating site software, flexible structure and User-friendly website design
# Professional, ready to help Pre-sales Team and Support.
Free Dating Script Installation, Free Lifetime Technical Support, administration and installation manuals, Trial Versions of internet dating software to test on your server or PC, updates, and upgrades.
# Wide range of Features for your successful dating or networking business.
# Frequent dating service software updates. Constant feature development.
# Hosting Service
# Dating web site script Customization Service.
# Dating website template Integration Service.

Yes, Pilot Group can give you a wide range of features and working business opportunity – Online Dating, Personals or Networking site, to start making money online using all your experience and imagination.

Yes, we created this product based on our customers' requests and suggestions. As a result, Dating Pro Software is a complete and ready site with lots of functions and flexible web-based admin area.

Yes, there are a lot of competitors and a lot of different choices. It's logical because Online Dating and Networking industry creates a great demand which you can take and wave as a tail can wave a dog. All is possible - all you need is to believe and ask us your questions, share your doubts with us.

There are many "Yes" to your questions with our dating management software. We would say: "We are not different. We are convenient! Invest today to get profit tomorrow!"

Dating Pro is a ready made Internet dating software for everyone. Our Dating Web Site Software can be used to create your own Dating, Personals or Networking Site, Adult or Matrimonial Site. Different options such as automatic Perfect Match, Advanced search and Registration forms, IM and Online Chat, numerous additional modules, flexible source codes and many more will make a vivid site for your community. We even make online dating script installation free for you, and we think how to help you to start business or to improve your current situation.

You can test our Dating Pro online at our demos or offline at your local computer because you can request a free trial version of php dating script any time.

What will you get if you choose our product?
- From programming point of view, you will receive a complete set of source codes to install and modify at your server or at your hosting company account (open source version).
- From functional point of view, you will receive a ready-made business opportunity for any business minded customer, and it can be you.

Our Slogan is: We are not different. We are convenient! Invest today to get profit tomorrow!


Agriya Volume - Music Portal Script

Volume Music Portal Software | Size 23 Mb

Volume is all about the music and lets you run your own music site for bands, artists and record labels. Members can become fans of artists and get all the information they need. Volume is perfectly suited for people in to underground or niche music genres and looking to earn money from their knowledge and connections.

Ever thought that mySpace has forgotten it’s roots? It used to be about the music. Now it’s about adding as many friends as possible and pimping out your profile so it takes your friends (99% of whom you’ve never met) well over a day just to load it.

The music has been forgotten. Can you make a better job of it?

Introducing Volume, a brand new social network from Agriya labs that is focused entirely on the music. It’s not about the glitter text, it’s not about the number of friends, it’s all about the bands and artists.

Volume has been designed to give maximum exposure to the people that matter. The artists and bands. Afterall, that’s how MySpace started, but they have long forgotten that now after commercializing themselves way too much.

Volume lets you create a music portal in any genre you want and brings together the artists, the bands and record labels all under one roof. Users can signup and become fans of artists, listen to their latest tracks and even buy the MP3’s if they like what they are hearing.

With so much untapped talent out there, Volume is the perfect way for you to showcase it to the world.

Consider the following:

You know of an underground music scene in your city. Everyone you’ve played it to loves it, but it’s not getting the exposure it deserves. Volume can help you by giving you all the tools to set up a site that will showcase the artists and bands and get people involved.

Or maybe you have a talent for spotting upcoming acts? Volume can help you by showcasing these raw untapped talents, building a fanbase for them, before getting the big record contract for them.

Volume has so many applications in the music industry, from the fan right up to the big record label.

Social Networking

Integral to Volume’s success is the social networking capabilities where users can network with one another and become fans of the different acts you have available. However, the prime focus of the software is so that the artists and bands can be showcased.

Music Downloads

Monetize your website with MP3 downloads of the artists and bands - or give it away for free, it’s entirely up to you (or your bands) how much to charge, if at all.

Music downloads are a huge business, people want to be able to download songs they hear instantly. Your website will cater to this need by offering free or paid downloads of the songs featured on your site.

Now that MySpace has lost its way and become a commercialized juggernaut, people are crying out for specialist niche sites that cater to their music taste and passion for discovery.


Interspire Article Live Nulled Null Sctript

Interspire Article Live Nulled Null Sctript

Interspire Article Live Nulled Null Sctript,Artical Live Nulled,Artical Live Null,Nulled Php Script

What is ArticleLive?

ArticleLive is a complete content management package that lets you start, maintain and grow your own article, news and/or blog site. It includes professionally designed, CSS-driven website templates which are easy to customize to your liking.

ArticleLive also has built-in RSS feeds, Google AdSense placement, guest article submission, CAPTCHA comments, in-depth statistics, is language packed and includes a powerful multi-user permission system. All features and options can easily be disabled with just one click from the control panel.



Easy JobPortal Nulled Script

Easy JobPortal Nulled Script

Modern Bill Nulled Null Script



GejoSoft PHP image hosting And Gallery Script Nulled Null

GejoSoft PHP image hosting And Gallery Script Nulled



CustomCMS 4.0 (NULLED) + 4700 Games Nulled

Ajdating Nulled Script



Yonja full script

yonja full script

yonja full script


Blumentals Rapid PHP

Blumentals Rapid PHP

Blumentals Rapid PHP | 6.63 Mb

Rapid PHP editor is a powerful, quick and sophisticated PHP editor that extends far beyond the essentials of regular PHP editing environments. Convenient features enable you to instantly create and edit not only PHP, but also HTML, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript code, while integrated tools allow you to easily debug, validate, reuse, navigate and format your code. Whether you are a professional developer or pure enthusiast, with Rapid PHP editor you can get your job done faster, save time and increase productivity.

Rapid PHP Editor is the world's only PHP editor that includes full-scale HTML, CSS and JavaScript editors. Now you can accomplish more with a single tool.

Key Features and Benefits:

* Speed - loads very quickly
* Sophisticated, fully customizable and familiar text editor
* Syntax highlighting for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WML, XML and SQL
* UTF-8 Unicode Support More info
* Easily navigate your code with Code Explorer More info
* Lookup PHP function parameters with Function Hints More info
* Lookup functions, variables and properties with Auto Complete
* Debug PHP code with xDebug debugger More info
* Validate PHP code with Syntax Check More info
* Built-in web server for easy PHP preview
* Integration with PHP, HTML and CSS documentation
* Save and open files directly from FTP More info
* Project management and FTP publishing
* SQL database connectivity (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Interbase) More info
* Matching bracket highlighting
* Search and Replace with Regular Expression Support
* Search and Replace in files
* Spell Checker for text in HTML code and TXT files
* Multi Item Clipboard
* Code snippet library More info
* Ready to use Code Templates
* Advanced HTML editing with Auto Complete, Inspector and other tools
* Advanced CSS editing with built-in CSS editor More info
* Advanced JavaScript editing with built-in JavaScript editor More info
* Countless goodies (code collapse, line highlighting, text indentation