Monday, July 27, 2009

Pro Submitter

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When an issue of site SE promotion arises, a webmaster has to exchange links with other sites, contacting site owners and going through the tedious process of placing links to other sites on his or her pages over and over again. It takes lots of time and decreases the efficiency of your site due to excessive outward linking. ProSubmitter™ offers a broad range of features including automated posting of ads and links to your site on thousands of blogs, BBS, guestbooks, FFAs and other resources.

ProSubmitter™ can be easily used by novice and expert webmasters. With ProSubmitter™ the SE positions of your site will improve drastically, as the more sites link to your site, the higher it gets ranked. ProSubmitter™ is a powerful tool meant to automate the placement of external links on BBS sites, catalogs, FFAs, blogs, guestbooks etc.

Manually fill in the fields on all kinds of sites, spending hours, days and weeks to get the needed results.
Use ProSubmitter™ which does everything you need a THOUSAND times faster and more efficient. The choice is up to you !
Have a look at the brief list of ProSubmitter™ features :

Automated posting of your links to a multitude of guestbooks, BBS, FFAs, blogs, unlimited sites!
Free database of over 30000 URLs
Use browser simulate system for anonymous Your requests
Use random User agents
Use random Referer sites
Custom URL databases from Google, Yahoo and MSN listings can be created and used
Submitting links to new site types
Collecting, checking and random proxy using
Multiple user profiles
Save bad urls
Save successful submited urls
Log files for requests
ProSubmitter™ is highly usable. Whatever your knowledge is, you can start using ProSubmitter™ right away without any problems !

All users can benefit from our fast and competent support service.
Moreover, you get all the further updates for free!

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