Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Musicbox version 2.3.8 script

Musicbox is packed with useful features that will enable you to quickly manage your songs database, Nowhere you will find features like playing songs in a popup embedded player, view all users playlist, view who mailed songs to whom, view total times songs played, change player skins, show users online with avatars, login from anywhere, autoupdate of genres, songs, albums, artists on all pages, mail songs to friend in html or text, register to add songs to playlist, enable artist/album gallery, enable shopping cart, enable reviews management, automatic addon, direct linking, more new players...there is just more... Included with your purchase is a free installation of the software if you would like our technicians to provide this time saving service.

Feature Overview:

»Advanced database Installer
»Easy User Management
»Show active users online with there avatars
»Register or Login from any page
»Autoupdate of Genres
»Play Songs in popup embedded Player Jukebox(completely customisable)
»Change Player Skins
»Rate a Song
»Add Lyrics (html supported)
»Mail a Song (html supported)
»Users Playlist
»View Songs mailed from your website
»Total Times Songs Played
»Play Selected Songs
»Play All Songs
»Play Multiple Songs
»View Top songs by Genres,Artists or Albums
»Search by Artist,Album or Song
»Download songs
»Upload Songs
»Remove Broken Links
»List All Artist, Albums, Songs by Alphabets
»View All Songs
»Save Songs to your playlist
»Remove Songs from your playlist
»Show Top Songs, Albums, Artist
»Approve Users Uploaded Songs
»Add Remote Download url
»Add your website ads in player
»Creates Temporary files
»Easy Template Interface
»Switch on/off Artist/Album Gallery
»Switch on/off Shopping Cart
»New Payment Gateways
»View Reviews
»Post Reviews
»Comment on Reviews
»Email reviews
»Rate Reviews
»Ajax Public Chat Room With Messages
»Flash Play Button
»Artist Signup

Admin Panel

»Add,edit or delete Genres
»Add,edit or delete Albums
»Add,edit or delete Artists
»Add,edit or delete Audio Formats
»Add,edit or delete Genres
»Add,edit or delete Songs
»View or delete Users Playlist
»View Songs sent from your site
»Approve,edit or Delete Lyrics submitted by users
»Make any User Admin
»Ban Username
»Delete Inactive Users
»Delete User
»View All Users Playlist
»Approve users uploaded songs
»Add multiple songs at once
»Send Newsletter
»Delete temporary files created by players
»Edit Database Details
»Edit Root Paths
»Add Remote urls
»Enable/Disable Artist/Album Gallery
»Approve Users Uploaded Artist/Album Pictures
»Upload New Pictures to Artists/Album Gallery
»Enable/Disable Shopping Cart
»Choose Payment Gateway
»View Orders Processing/Approved/Denied
»Enable/Disable Reviews Management
»Set how many reviews to show on album pages
»Set Default Embedded Player
»Bulk Delete Songs/Albums/Artists

»Switch on/off automatic addon
»Switch on/off direct linking
»Switch on/off flash button
»Switch on/off Artist Signup
»Switch on/off settings
»Css Template


»Play Songs in Jukebox Player
»Change Player Skins and Set it as default
»Create and Save songs in Playlist
»Send Songs by just entering recipient address
»View Songs mailed from website
»View My Playlist
»View All Users Playlist
»Rate Songs
»Add Lyrics
»Play Selected Songs
»Play All songs
»Download Songs
»Upload Songs
»Report Broken Links
»Upload New Artist/Albums Pictures
»Buy Songs or Albums
»View Reviews
»Post Reviews
»Comment on Reviews
»Email reviews
»Rate Reviews
»Ajax Chat

Guest (Visitors)

»Play Songs in Jukebox Player
»Change Player Skins and Set it as default
»Send Songs by entering your name and recipient address
»View Songs mailed from website
»View All Users Playlist
»View Reviews
»Post Reviews
»Comment on Reviews
»Email reviews
»Rate Reviews
»Rate Songs
»Play Selected Songs
»Play All songs
»View Top Songs
»View Top Artist
»Browser Artist, albums, songs by alphabets
»Email a song
»View songs sent
»View active users online
»View lyrics
»Buy Song or Albums
»Join Public Chatroom
»Listen Songs using Flash Button




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    Thank you
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  2. I agree with sagar but but please can u upload it to megaupload or other hosting site.Thanks

  3. Please Help Me,It says Name server changes may take up to 48 hours to update throughout the Internet. after i upload it to my server why?

  4. Name server changes are related to your web hosting, not at all related to the script.

    So it is better to wait 48 hours or contact your site manager.

    please note to give your link(name server error) if you comment next time.

  5. Thanks for the early reply.Ok i will wait then i thought it was the script.

  6. Please help me with This its says.
    Requirements : Chmod 777 folder and files via ftp before continuing with installation, And i want to know the exact folder or file to CHMOD.Thanks Helping out

  7. chmod is not that much important.

    you can upload and use script without chmod.

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