Tuesday, April 7, 2009

X10 Media mp3 search nulled script

X10Media MP3 Search V.1.6 Size 716 Kb

x10 Automatic Mp3 Script is a free search engine for your users. Display THOUSANDS of free mp3 songs to your users with this simple to use search engine. Users can download, preview, rate and more from your very own website, and it AUTO UPDATES daily with fresh content! It's so simple to use, upload your files, install, setup your admin with ads, and your off! After ordering you can have your site setup in MINUTES, and running providing FREE Mp3's to your users. Upload it, let it sit, tell all your friends where to get free mp3's and make money!


Server Requirements
• MySQL (version 4 or higher)
• PHP (version 4.3 or higher)
• Ioncube Loaders (this will not in anyway impact on the ability to modify the script)
• Mod_Rewrite Enabled
Best performance and Optional Settings
• PHP (version 5+) optional

Script Features
This script is packed with features. Just check out some of the highlights below! To many to list!
User end:

- Easy Navigation
Navigate the script easily with friendly links, urls, and very easy and friendly design.
- Automatic Updating
Everything updates AUTOMATICALLY, upload, install, and leave it! Searches 3 MASSIVE MP3 search engines (more to come in the future) to provide your customers with LOTS of options!
- User Playlists
Users can create/delete there own playlists to enjoy on your site, and also embed them on to other sites. Check out the EASY no refresh adding!
- Lyrics Search
Users can search from HUNDREDS of THOUSDANDS of songs for any type of lyric!
- Info Page
Individual pages for songs to vote, rate, comment, and more!
- Comments
Users can leave comments on any one of the sounds
- Ajax Ratings
Vote each song by a 1 - 5 rating, done in ajax with a beautiful design. Check it out.
- Ajax Suggestion
With the search it will auto-populate a suggestion of an artist from the 16,000+ artists in the database! Check it out.
- File Details
Lists certain details about each song on the search, Artist, Genre and More
- Embed Songs
Users can click embed on a song and pops up in a nice web2.0 window so your user can easily post on there own website or myspace!
- No Huge Hosting
No need for huge hosting, as all file as remotely hosted, and the script is VERY small in size!
- Legal?
Yes your site will be completely legal as you do not host any content, and all content is downloaded from a 3rd party server!
- Preview Song
Preview, and listen to the song before you download. Plays in a nice flash mp3 player.
Mod_Rewrite on the search to help with SEO
- Search Feature
Easy Search feature. Search anything, artist, name, band Lots of options, LOTS of results.
- User Signup
Ability for users to sign up and create an account.
- Download Count
Keeps track of the total number of download on the site
- Recent Searches
Users can View the top 25 recent searches made on the site.
- Embed your Search
Users can embed your search on to there site, so there users can search your database (and land on your website!).
- Ads between Results
Ads between results for better CTR and ad Pay!

Admin End:

- Password Protected
Secured Admin section so nobody can login and change your settings.
- Complete Control of all Advertisements
Forms to be able to edit your advertisements all from the backend, so no need to edit the source code.
- Site Stats
See how many searches/downloads that were downloaded/searched on your site on a DAILY basis!
- Text Updates
Change your registration text, and users area news from the admin. No need of editing source code.
- Language
Easily change your script over to another language by editing one file!
- Update Title / Keywords / Description
Easily update your Title / Keywords / Description with the admin form.
- View Users
View the users you have, how many downloads, and information about them
- Change Colors
Change header, and result colors from the admin, to give your site a little different look.
- Comments
Delete / View / Moderate comments from the admin section with ease.
- Recent Tags
Delete / View the recent searches on the site, and also be able to delete the ones you do not like
- Ads between Results
Turn off/on the ads between results
- Add More Admins
Easily change any user to have admin privileges with a click of a mouse
- Delete User / Ban User
Ability to ban users and delete them
- Change Admin Username / Password
Ability to change your admin username and password.



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