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Datalife Engine v8.2 nulled full English

Datalife Engine v8.2 nulled full English

1. Added option of printing processing, this feature allows you to automatically prepare the Russian text to the web edition. For example the quotes will be replaced by herringbone, exhibited correct apostrophes in names, the use of long dashes instead of hyphens, the grounds will be inserted continuous spaces, handling embedded quotes and much more. This tool is not a complete substitute for manual labor coder, but it can reduce the work up to 90%, which is very convenient.

2. Improvements for the tag (include file = "mytemplate.tpl"). This tag allows you to not only connect the template file, but also connect to third-party template modules for DLE, as well as third-party scripts are not related to DLE. For example to connect the side of the module in a template you can use the tag (include file = "engine / modules / mymod.php") the result of the tag will be the script mymod.php, located in a directory engine / modules /. You can also run scripts with parameters, eg (include file = "engine / modules / mymod.php? Param = value1 & test = value2"), thus you can create modules that can be managed directly from the template and, depending on various parameters, output different information. Using this method of connection mode, allows the upgrade script in the future to the new version does not reinstall modules. They themselves will be automatically logged out of your template. Use of this tag is possible in all files of templates. For general security script, the only restriction on the connection file is a ban on the location of the file in a folder that is available for recording. For example plug mod, can not be located in the Templates folder for example. More details about this connection, see the documentation for the script.

3. Added the ability to integrate third-party modules in the control panel script without making any changes to the script file. To this was added an additional table in a database for storing information on the side of the module. More details on the format of the table you'll be able to read the documentation for the script.

4. Added automatic support for safe mode PHP (SafeMode), downloading images from the server. Thanks to the support folder, no longer need to create manually using the FTP manager.

5. Added the ability to quickly edit a user profile when editing it in the news adminpaneli. In doing so, you can delete or banned user include news, not going to edit a section of users.

6. In Control Panel, the script added the function to check the conformity of your server mininimalnym requirements of the script. Previously this was carried out only during the installation script. A new feature allows the script automatically diagnose possible problems after you move the script to another server when the installation script is not made.

7. When downloading images added to the automatic control of possible errors. And if you have a problem downloading a message not only that it was impossible to download files, but the reason for which the problem occurred. Thus, in most cases you can fix the problem without recourse to support those.

8. For the spoiler tag added graphical indicators show open or closed with hidden text. Graphic izoborazheniya are in the site templates, so each pattern has the ability to customize the image.

9. In the short patterns and full news (shortstory.tpl, fullstory.tpl) added the following tags: [fixed] text [/ fixed] - displays the text in the tags if the news is fixed, [not-fixed] text [/ not-fixed] -- displays the text in the tags if the news was not recorded. In doing so, the new tags, you can make different design news site, with the output recorded by the news.

10. In setting the script added the opportunity to activate or deactivate the darkening background of the overall site, while increasing the thumbnail picture to the original. To set the background class is used CSS. Highslide-dimming

11. Added a new mode "Gallery" when viewing small images uploaded to the site to the news. This mode is included in your script. If you turn this mode on the original image shows the menu navigation, which allows you to run a slideshow of pictures, show the next or previous image, etc.

Safari Park))
12. Added possibility to set annotations and descriptions for the reduced images. When specifying the tag to thumb their own description, with an increase to the original image, the description will be displayed in a convenient format for the image. Self-description is given in the options tag, eg:

Example of use, you can see by clicking on the image above.

13. Perhaps the most anticipated feature. Added possibility to set to reduce the downloadable copy of the image not only the maximum size of one of the parties beyond which you will create a small copy, but also the size of the parties (the width and height) of the reduced image. This ratio images will be saved, and the image clipped by these dimensions. Moreover, in case if any of the parties to the original image is less than the specified size, the image will be proportionally increased to the opposite of that size. Examples of work for this function, you can see above, published three pictures of different size and orientation, while they were automatically reduced to the rectangular size of 200x200. This innovation, together with the two mentioned above, allows you to organize your news beautiful pictures of the downloaded images.

14. When you log in adminpanel script added the possibility of choosing the language. Thus, users with administrative panel may choose the language they will use it.

15. Added the ability to assign categories of your own meta tag Title.

16. Now it is possible to use in mass communications tag (% user%) in the message body, which will be replaced on the recipient's name in the message, or the full name, if the user indicated in my profile. If in your script includes the use of BCC field to send, then the tag will be replaced by the word: User

17. In the filter of words added to the possibility of appointing a search for a word. You can appoint a replacement for the word that was made elsewhere, either in news or in the notes.

18. Template tags text and text received global support all template files, not just for the basic patterns and main.tpl News . Now you can use these tags in absolutely any template files.

19. Formatting and display selected comments in a separate universality class. This innovation concerns in the first third-party developers modules. The new class can organize comments not only for news but also to their own modules. Also, when adding a new tag in the comments, it is enough to make changes in one file, not three as previously.

20. Changes in MySQL queries the script, resulting in reduced load on the database with large amounts of data.

21. When viewing the mobile version of the site not to display promotional materials designated for display of short news.

22. Added auto-hide the links to send E-Mail "and" write a PS "when viewing a user profile, if a visitor in your group this capability have been banned.

23. In the password recovery module was added to the new security mechanisms. And it added a new algorithm for generating the control key algorithm to SHA1, as well as control was added to check the number of attempts to generate a new password for the control key, is allowed only one attempt to generate a new password, then check the key becomes invalid. In doing so, the module password recovery was 100% resistance to the password recovery method over.

24. In the search module added illumination of the text boxes for additional news.

25. Added the ability to designate the type of text when you publish static pages, depending on the type selected will be different options for formatting text, you can also choose the type of text without the filter and change, which allows you to directly publish the text of a static page javascript code, and any HTML code, and also edit the text without converting to BB tags. Ability to publish pages without filtering are only users in the administrator group.

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