Monday, August 17, 2009 clone script - SoftDirec 1.04 Nulled repository script

SoftDirec 1.04 Nulled repository script

Start your own software repository directory listings website with SoftDirec!
Administrator Features
* Custom package upgrade options. SoftDirec allows you to create & control how listings can be upgraded by your directory users! Number of photo's allowed, listing highlight color, listing ranking and more.
* A category system that supports unlimited subcategory depth, plus (optional) add your own category icons to each category to really stylize your directory!
* Sales history and earnings report features.
* User management controls.
* Custom preferences toggles allow you to control various aspects of how SoftDirec will function, for example : the ability to toggle user "new listing" automation preferences, you can have SoftDirec approve new listings automatically, or require that they be approved by an administrator, set the size of screenshot images, thumbnails, etc. Sort your directory listings by date added or alphabetically.
* Customizable "operating systems" types and "license types", make your directory exclusive to a certain type of OS and license (such as "Windows XP", "Freeware", "Shareware" etc..) You can import our default OS and license types, add your own, or create your very own custom list.
Ecommerce Features
* Uses Paypal subscription based system. Everything is automated. SoftDirec uses Paypal's IPN technology. You can manage recurring subscriptions or offer one-time payment inclusion. (Note, SoftDirec can run alongside other IPN scripts & does not require your one and only Paypal IPN URL slot).
* Billing options are available in monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual subscription options, as well as one time payment option. Create your own listing upgrade packages and decide what kind of price you want to charge your users. SoftDirec automates everything from signup to cancellation.
Directory Features
* Listing views, and external website clicks are tracked with SoftDirec, SoftDirec also provides a direct link to the authors website which further increases the value of having a link in your directory ( search engine spider bots can easily follow your author links to crawl their websites, and listings in your directory will be subject to an increase in Google Page Rank from the direct link ).
* Customizable listing viewing options for your directory users.
* Search features, supporting simple keyphrase to and category matching or any mixture thereof. Stylish and convenient javascript "hide-away" menu for advanced search options.
* Did we mention that SoftDirec is easy to customize? Well it is! At iDEV, we understand that your needs aren't necessarily"out of the box" and we write all our software to make your customization efforts as easy as possible.
* Search engine spider (Googlebot) friendly pages and page titles for software listings.
* Each software listing can have a main or logo image as well as a number of screenshot images ( the number of gallery images allowed is defined by you & can actually be increased or decreased by upgrade package type ).
* Users and software authors will have the option to download an author's software directly from your directory.



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