Monday, April 20, 2009

AjaxPortal v.3.0 Nulled

AjaxPortal v.3.0

AjaxPortal v.3.0

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first litle-bit about ajaxportal for who dosnt know what it is:

What AjaxPortal is?

If you are looking a way to create a state of art portal web site AjaxPortal is your solution.

AjaxPortal is based on Sajax technology - an open source tool to make programming websites using the Ajax framework known as XMLHTTPRequest or remote scripting as easy as possible. Sajax makes it easy to call PHP, Perl or Python functions from your webpages via JavaScript without performing a browser refresh. The AjaxPortal does 99% of the work for you so you have no excuse to not use it.

How it works

After starting the main page you will never leave the starting url, reloading the pages or refreshing the browser. You can search, login/logout, do admin work - add,edit,delete pages and boxes with information, navigate pages and more without reloading. All database information send/received to/from the MySql server stays hidden as a background task.

AjaxPortal v. 3.0 is a highly customizable full featured content management
tool written in PHP, using javascript and Mysql. It has an easy to use
administration interface and stores all data entries in a MySQL database.

AjaxPortal v. 3.0 is based on Ajax technology - a framework known as
XMLHTTPRequest or remote scripting. Ajax makes it easy to use AjaxPortal
without performing a browser refresh.



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