Wednesday, April 22, 2009

PHPGuardDog v4.0 PHP

PHPGuardDog v4.0 PHP Nulled script

PHP Guard Dog gives a website administrator a simple solution to an important problem: security. Do you have sensitive information floating around on your website that is unfortunately available to any Internet user who stumbles upon it? Do you hope that the wrong people (like hackers) won't happen to find your unsecured data? Would you like a simple, concise way to protect that information to only one person, or perhaps a handful of internet users? Then PHP Guard Dog is your answer. Within 10 minutes of downloading our software, you will be protecting your sensitive Internet data to whoever YOU want. You will have the ability to add and edit users, and put them into groups (amongst many other things, see our features page). You can then protect specific pages within your website to these users and groups by only adding a few lines of code provided to you.


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