Monday, April 20, 2009

Gen2PTC Script - Nulled Null Script

Gen2PTC Script
Gen2PTC Script Nulled Script,Free Nulled Script,

Gen2PTC Script Nulled Script,Free Nulled Script,

Gen2 PTC script is revolutionary. It is jam packed with all the features you could ever want, and was built using the tightest security standards. It is easy to update, edit, and add-on to. This script has so many features, but it uses the lowest server resources and has the least requirements than any others.


Module based: This means, we can create add-ons that install with a single click, and keep adding features that you can have without a hassle.
Easy Template System: Just choose a template and it starts working.
PHP Session Logins and Ad Views: This means, you will be safer from hackers and bots than ever before.
Lottery System: Please look in add-ons for current options.
Full Automation: Automated upgrading, buying or renting refs, lottery tickets, ability to have automated payouts for PayPal and AlertPay.
Advanced and Friendly Administration Panel: Packed with useful features.
Advanced Referral System: Ability for buying AND renting refs.
Auto Updating: Every time we have security fix, you're website will check and tell you.
Anti-Bot: Randomized features to avoid and detect bots and cheaters.
Advanced Ads: Many options for advertisers including demographic filter.
Advanced Upgrading system: Monthly and Yearly subscriptions.
Advanced Statistics: This applies for both members and the administrator.
Minimal Server Use: This script is built to use almost no resources and still work efficiently.
Advanced Administrator System: Main admin can create sub-admins and assign them rights.
Contact Importer: Allows users to import their contacts and send them invites.
Easy Upgrading: Easily upgrade your YourOwnBux, SecureBux, Bux3 and scripts to GeN2.
Multiple Processor support: Accepts both AlertPay and PayPal.




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