Wednesday, April 22, 2009


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• Create a custom Flash photo gallery in minutes
• ThumbGallery Template and Flash Component included with purchase.
• Easily create and update images with the included XML template
• Select type of thumbnail - image, number or solid color
• Choose from 9 image transitions
• Define any size for image and thumbnails
• Position thumbnails to top, bottom, left or right
• Set the thumbnails to any opacity
• Choose how many rows of thumbnails to display
• Load in JPGs or SWFs
• Choose to auto play through the images like a slide show
• Customize colors for background and thumbnail outlines
• Set scroll speed of thumbnails
• Add audio to thumbnail roll overs and clicks (when using the Component)
• Set custom corner radius on background, images and thumbnails
• Customize look and feel using the XML file or the component panel
• Add caption and roll over text
• Samples included with download
• Free updates
• For Flash player 7 and above
• Create HTML style tables in Flash, using XHTML format
• Keep content easily updatable in an external HTML file!
• Same syntax as HTML tables
• Most HTML tags and attributes supported including colspan and rowspan
• Embedding fonts has never been easier.
• Style text easily using CSS with your HTML file
• Add external jpg’s, swf’s or linked symbols into table cells
• All this and more, using little to no Actionscript!
• Load the XHTML file through the component panel or with actionscript
• Easily define a function and call that function from the XHTML file.
• After the table is rendered, access and change table cells with actionscript!
• Actionscript event available to check when the table is fully drawn.
• Lightweight, adds only 6k to your Flash movie
• Save Time. No code to write for parsing XML or to structure data. It's done for you!
• For Flash player 7 and above
• Free updates
• Quickly create an online Flash poll
• Create an unlimited number of polls. No monthly payments.
• Customize fonts, colors and sizes
• Includes three pre-built templates
• With the QuickPoll Templates you do not need the Flash application
• Flash Component includes three skins
• Uses PHP for poll data storage - Quick setup
• Poll results are stored in a text file - no need to set up a database
• Component samples are included with download
• Free updates
• For Flash player 6 and above



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