Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FlippingBook Flash Component AS-2 FULL

Basic features

* The simplest page adding procedure ever
* Simultaneous support of pages containing library symbols, external SWF files and JPEG images
* Page Preloader (you may edit it or disable as necessary)
* 2 page caching modes (full preloading and loading on demand)
* Support of Adobe Flash Player Versions 6, 7, 8, 9
* Possibility of component setting either from the IDE or with an external XML file
* Most powerful extension tools (component API)
* Optimal use of the CPU resources
* Small target file size (10 Kb)

Animation control

* Animation control (page flipping speed, shadows depth and background color)
* 2 imaging styles (with or without cover page support)
* First book page number control
* Fully controlled automatic page flipping (autoflip)
* Pages can be flipped with or without mouse clicking
* gotoPage function (any page)
* Support of any flipping sounds (through an external mp3 file or a sound library symbol)
* Preloader editing and disabling possibility

Additional features

* Efficient software caching (no reloading or page blinking when flipping – nobody else can provide anything comparable)
* User friendly Live Preview
* Detailed documentation
* Intelligent usability (creation of a standard catalog takes 20-30 seconds)
* User friendly installer

Live Demo:

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