Thursday, April 30, 2009

Theme Site Script v1.0

Theme Site Script v1.0 | Size 1.4 Mb

Program Name : ThemeSiteScript
Version : 1.0
WST Rel Date : Oct 31, 2007
Program Author : Agares Media

Retail Price : $32.99
WST Price : Always 100% free
Supplied by : Kakalot
Nulled by : Kakalot
Tested by : Kakalot
Project by : WST
Distribution : via WST distros/dumps
Protection : Links,Copyright,Meta
Compatibility : Win32/Linux/Unix
Language : PHP
Requirements : PHP/MySQL
Documentation : Check the /docs/ folder

Script Info:
ThemeSiteScript is the literally the only choice currently for those looking to run their
own theme site in the vein of, and other similar theme sites.
Luckily, we've built ThemeSiteScript on the rock solid foundation of AMCMS,
which powers Arcadem Pro, phpAutoVideo, and AgaresWriter, meaning you already have a powerful
front end and backend system to easily create and manage your content.
And like all our scripts, installation is a breeze.


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