Thursday, April 30, 2009

x10 Micro Blogging Community v1.2

x10 Micro Blogging Community v1.2 | Size 789 Kb

x10 Micro Blogging Community is the easy and fun way to share things with the world! Share your thoughts, ramblings, websites, images and much more. Express yourself, and start a website with a lot of the same features as
Script also includes a Wordpress Theme to match the look of your site so you can have a wordpress blog as well.

Server Requirements
• MySQL (version 4.3 or higher)
• PHP (version 4.3 or higher)
• Ioncube (this will not in anyway impact on the ability to modify the script)
• GD Library 2
*Please note that most of these requirements are already installed by 90% + web hosts.

Script Features
This script is packed with features. Just check out some of the highlights below! To many to list!
User Side:

- Easy Navigation
Navigate the script easily with friendly links, urls, and very easy and friendly design.
- Ajax Tabs
Posts, Images, and Url Tabs are all ajax with no refresh.
- Micro Blogs
Post sayings, what your doing, where you been, where your going, simple things..
- Widget
Users can Embed a Widget on to there myspace, anywhere they like that will automatically update with new posts when posted on your site.
- User Registration
Users can sign up to post blogs, images, links and lots more.
- User Profiles
Users will have there own profiles where users can quickly see all there posts.
- Widget Uses
Users can use the widget to use as a news update, friends update, and more! Can be for a whole type of crowd.
More Coming soon


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