Thursday, April 30, 2009

RaXzz - Adult Video Broadcasting

RaXzz - Adult Video Broadcasting | Size 4.3 Mb

RaXzz was developed because we noticed that one of the biggest users of Rayzz was for the online adult video sharing industry. Time and again we received requests to ’strip down’ the default features of Rayzz and come up with a more cost effective solution.

Well, we listened and we have responded. The result is RaXzz. It is based on the same framework as Rayzz, but with many community features removed, allowing the adult webmaster to focus on what their users want: videos and photos.

As this is a ‘lite’ version of Rayzz, many of the video playback and streaming functions have been tweaked and improved for optimum performance.

How is RaXzz different from Rayzz?

Although they are both built on the same framework, Rayzz is more geared towards webmasters who want to create a thriving community of users and has social networking at it’s core. Adult video sites are more focused on the media delivery rather than building the social side of the site.

For this reason, you can think of RaXzz as a ‘lite’ version of Rayzz which focuses on video playback and photo sharing - the two things that are critical to an adult video sharing site.

So does RaXzz have to be used for an adult site?

No, not strictly. If you want to launch a video sharing site for some other niche but don’t require all the features of Rayzz, then you can use RaXzz and customize the design easily.

What features does RaXzz include then?

By default, RaXzz includes the following features:

* Video Sharing (including private videos
* Photos
* Banner advertising management
* Search engine friendly URL’s
* Optimized for the search engines and easy crawling


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