Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gen3 PTC v1.1 - Nulled

GeN3 is a phenomenal script that is guaranteed to make you a lot of money. The advanced features and unmatched website control from the administration panel make it the best choice for any PTC administrator. Read below for some of the features included in GeN3. To jump straight to the demo, scroll all the way down.
All settings are editable in admin area and can be turned on/off.
- One year of free support.
- Easy installation.
- Jackpots & Referral Jackpots.
- Security against bots and cheaters built into the advertisement system.
- Users need to click a certain amounts of ads EVERY time they want to cash out.
- An advanced built in ticket system.
- Advanced referral recycling system.
- Banner advertising for your site built into the script.
- Implemented forums where users can configure a profile and communicate with other members. Forums use same username, password, database, and stats as main site.
- An advanced admin control panel for the forum features.
- A private messaging built into the site.
- You can choose to create multiple upgrade options. For example: Upgraded, Gold, Platinum ETC. You can even choose the name they have!
- Your users will have access to VERY detailed statistics. Statistics will be in charts and graphs.
- Advertising system is available for logged in and guest advertisers.
- Advanced cash out options.
- Referral limits.
- Set an amount of clicks users need to click before they can earn money.
- History, users can see what they did the last months with their account. From registering to acquiring new referrals or even their latest cash outs!
- Your admin panel is completely secure.
- Many mods will be available to customize your site.
- 100% customizable. Edit the look, script, functions, etc.
And so many more options that will make your site succeed..

User demo:Homepage - GeN3 Demo
Feel free to register
.Admin Demo:
You can see all the settings, but changing them is disabled in the demo
.Admin Panel Home - GeN3 Demo
Username: admin
Password: Dopy1234

PASS: sharemafia

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