Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recipe PHP Script Nulled

For people looking for a recipe script and looking for one that actually works the way you want it to.

Search engine friendly, Search engine optimized, recipes have their own title, keywords, and description.

Members can submit image for their recipe they submitted.

Has its own sitemap generator that is updated automaticaly for google and for other engines. Our way of making sure your recipes get indexed.

Has its own rss feed for your recipes, how kool is that.

If you choose to turn on the option to use your adsence, your adsence will show up on all recipes.

Optimized for engines including the title,keywords,description, One h1 tag, 2 h2 tags for title, which engines want to see when crawled. Pages and links are search engine friendly as well. as categorie links.

Uses a RewriteEngine on, register_globals On php4+ mysql

The only recipe script with you in mind, no the Ultimate recipe script.

We done all the work for you, including making a robot text file, no need to keep uploading a sitemap or pay for one, yours is updated automatically and in xml and without errors.

Get this updated version because next version will cost you much more. This version gets you future updates free


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