Saturday, May 2, 2009

Elite Gaming Ladders v3 Preview

Elite Gaming Ladders v3 Preview Null

Elite Gaming Ladders v3 Preview Null


* Fast , server friendly Code with a single MySQL Database
* Simple Installation with help files
* Suitable For All Game and Platform Types (FPS, Sports, PS3, PC, etc)
* Javascript Effects To Smooth Everything Out
* Mostly open script to allow easy customization
* Easily Change The looks and layout with One File

Ladder and Tournament Features

* Unlimited Ladder Capacity (Singles, Team)
* Unlimited Tournament Capacity (Singles, Team) NEW on V3
* Automated Ranking System
* Challenge Based System on ladders ENHANCED on V3
* Report a WIN as well as a loss on ladder and tournament matches NEW on V3
* Automatic randomized first round entrants on Tournaments NEW on V3
* Strike / Warning System
* Automatic Byes on odd tournament brackets NEW on V3
* Play-by-dates for each round on Tournament brackets NEW on V3
* Map Randomizer
* Game Mode randomizer NEW on V3
* Ladder Page Organized By Admin Defined Groups
* Clan Manager With Profile Editor, and War Light ENHANCED on V3
* Members Can Join Current Teams, or Make Their Own.
* Team Leaders can copy existing teams to new ladders NEW on V3
* Clan Profile Page With Full Contact Details (MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Co-L AIM, ect.) ENHANCED on V3
* Ladder standings with Crown, Blasts, Stats, XP
* King System (War for Crown)
* Automatic Ticket creation on disputed results NEW on V3
* Private Ladders and Tournaments NEW on V3
* Pay-To-Play Ladders and Tournaments NEW on V3
* Regional flag notifications on Ladders NEW on V3
* MatchFinder system ENHANCED on V3
* New Mods for Upcoming Matches, Instant Matches and Top Ten Teams NEW on V3

Social Networking Features

* Each Members Gets Their Own Mailbox With Team Invites, And Friend Invites
* Integration on registration and latest forum posts with PHPBB3.0 NEW on V3
* Member Profiles With Contact Information, About Me, Comments And More ENHANCED on V3
* Friends System / Ability To Become Private
* Tell-A-Friend system NEW on V3
* Members Can Comment on News
* Easily add cool blocks such as YouTube videos, Live Chat, anything PHP based
* Dynamic GamerCards integrated into site, showing stats with selectable graphics NEW on V3
* News features on ALL site pages NEW on V3

Admin Control Panel

* Admin Control Panel / Staff System
* Different Permissions For Each Staff Member
* Referee Ticket Manager
* Ladder and Staff Group Manager
* UserGroup Manager
* General script configuration settings ENHANCED on V3

Other Special Features

* Find a Match System With War Lights Integrated ENHANCED on V3
* Ticket System With Admin Reply's Staff Member Assign
* Advertisement Areas NEW on V3
* Drop-down menu system NEW on V3
* New portal home page with interchangeable Mods NEW on V3
* Use of flash for smooth transitional effects NEW on V3
* Multiple Templates - Your members can choose their own template
* Full Member List With Letter Select
* Paypal integration on UserGroups for Pay-to-Play matches NEW on V3
* Full Featured Free Agent System With Commenting
* Custom Field Manager
* Full Search System By ID or Name ENHANCED on V3
* Staff Applications (One Per IP)

PHP Code:
PHP Code:


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