Thursday, April 30, 2009

Raffle Site Script PLR

Raffle Site Script PLR | Size 2.5 Mb

The Raffle Site Script was designed to help anyone kick their list building efforts into high gear instantly!

With this script, you can run a raffle offering as many different prizes as you want (digital, home delivery & pickup prizes are accepted), and the script will run fully automated down to running the raffle on it's own and doing the delivery of digital prizes instantly to winners!

This is a HANDS FREE list building magnet!

Run Either Free Raffles or Raffles for Profit!

You can use the Raffle Site Script to run Free Raffles (raffles in which people get in for free in exchange of becoming a part of your mailing list) anywhere in the world!

Running your own FREE Raffle is the MAIN feature of the software, but we've also added a tidbit more....

You can also use the Raffle Site Script to run Raffles for Profits (raffles in which people pay XX amount of money for each ticket to the raffle); these types of raffles are illegal in the USA, but most everyone else in the world can benefit from this feature. If you live outside the USA, please check with your authorities to see if paid raffles are legal in your country.
Run an Unlimited Amount of Raffles!

After each raffle drawing is done, the script will AUTOMATICALLY archive all the tickets from each raffle for you.

This way you can setup a new raffle every time, choose to run the same raffle every so often, etc. etc. Giving you the flexibility to do whatever you want!
Having More Options = Having More Control!

Check Out These Amazing Features & Benefits!

The Raffle Site Script is Packed With Features!

* Fully accessible and customizable PHP script!
* Use the Raffle Site Script on an Unlimited Amount of domains/websites that you own!
* Allows only 1 prize per Ticket(s) Owner for Fairness!
* Runs 100% Automatedly for your convenience!
* Confirms All Orders With PayPal for Right Price, Pay-to Email and Validity!
* Lets you limit the maximum amount of tickets per member!
* Lets you setup Raffles in Which Everyone Wins or Not (your choice)!
* You can run an unlimited amount of Raffles with the script!
* Comes with an Easy to Use Web Page Editor Built Right into the Script!
* You will have Full Control as to Every Single Detail of your site!
* It uses a Web Template system to help you change the way the script looks instantly!
* Can be set to run FREE raffles to use as a List Builder Utility!


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