Thursday, April 30, 2009

Joovili 3.1.1

Joovili 3.1.1 | Size 3.2 Mb

Joovili has loads of great features and a wonderful design.
Your users will be able to create & customize their very own profile page, upload pictures, music, videos, rate users, post blogs and events, sign guestbooks, create groups, chat in the forums, upgrade their account and so much more! Joovili gives you the best performance on what a real community site needs!

Why choose Joovili?
Why not choose Joovili? Its powerful ... its cheap ... its amazing!
Its a rapidly growing script that allows you to run your social community 'or' dating site with all the modern features a profile/dating site should have. And to place the cherry on top, we are always planning on making it better! with your help of course. No matter whether you have purchased our software or not, we want to hear from you, Let us know your opinions and requests for Joovili.

My Mood
My mood allows your users to express how they are feeling at the time of being logged in. Their mood is displayed in smiley images representing 10 different expressions. The mood changer is located in the members area for easy management. The mood by default is set to happy and will also be displayed on their profile page.

My Notes
My notes is a javascript tool enabled in the members area. It allows your users to keep track on notes/reminders or for the general doodling.

The shoutbox/small chat can be found in the members area. This helps keep your members area page the local hangout for your users to stay logged into.

Play on my profile
When logged in and browsing the music section, users will be given the option to add a music upload to their profile page.

Status Updates NEW
This feature allows your users to let other users know of their status. For example, what they are doing/thinking etc. Users can update their status from their members area. Their status will then be displayed on their profile page for others to view.

Timezone selection NEW
This new feature allows your users to select their timezone settings so that content can be automatically be corrected to show the correct time for their location in the world.

Users can create polls for other users to vote on.

Users can create groups which are categorized for easy browsing. Group owners can specify whether to automatically/manually approve new members, display the group to non-members.
Groups have their own messaging area.

Users can list events which are also categorized for easy browsing. Events will display common details as well as a full description box for the creator to list any details they feel appropriate. Users attending the event will also be displayed.

Users can write to their personal blogs. They can also subscribe to other users blogs if they are regular reader. This makes it a lot easier for the reader as they will be notified via email of new blog entries. Users can also comment on blog entries.

Your users can sign one another's guestbook. This is a great way for your users to make friends while browsing users profiles.

Your users can send messages to one another (if not blocked). Admin can specify how many messages a day can be sent and whether or not to allow these users to view their sent messages. Notifications from admin(s) can also be managed/read from its own section of the my messages.

Music/Video Uploads
Your users can also upload music and videos to your website. You can manage the categories from the admin panel and also specify whether you want these uploads to be automatically approved for viewing or you would rather approve them yourself. Admin can also set how many uploads users can upload.

Your users can upload pictures to their profile page. Other users will be able to view them and if they wish, comment on them too. The picture owner can specify whether they want comments automatically approved or not. Admin can specify how many pictures users can upload and whether or not to automatically approve them.

Picture Albums NEW
Your users will now be able to manage their pictures by placing them into albums, making it easier for your users to organise and visitors to view.

The buddies section allows users to add other users to their friends list. The users buddies will also be displayed on their profile page. Admin can also specify how many buddies a user can add.

Buddy Request NEW
As of version 3.1.2, users will need to request to be another users buddy/friend. Only if the recipient approves will they be listed in each others buddies list. Users can set to not receive buddy requests via their settings.

Favourites allows your users to keep a private list of other users. Their favourites will not be displayed anywhere other than their favourites section when logged in.

Blocked List
Users can add other users to their blocked list. Adding a user to your block list will stop that user from sending you messages, rating you and commenting on any of your uploads/profile.

Users can rate one another (if not on blocked list). Users can also use the rating spy to see who has rated them and if they want to do some traveling, visit their rating history to see who they have rated in the past. Admin can specify which users can view rating spy and rating history.

Your users can send invites to their friends so they can be invited to join your website too. Senders will be able to manage the invites they have sent and also see whether their friend has signed up to your website or not.

If given the permission to by admin, users can view who has been checking out their profile page.

Customize Profile
If set to by admin, your users can upload a background image to their profile page as well as change all the common colours displayed on the profile page.

What better way of getting your users to interact than to have your own forums. Your users can create topics, post replies to other topics and discuss/chat as much as they want. You can also hire forum moderators to help keep your forums tidy.

Help/FAQ Section
To save all that time in replying to questions on how to do something on your website, the help section allows you to jot down all them frequently asked questions which can also be categorized for easy viewing.


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