Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TS Special Edition 5.0 Null

Torrent Tracker Script
After months of product development, we are pleased to announce long awaited new major release of TS SE v5.0.

We've rolled up all the most important fixes into a v5.0 release, which is now available for download. The most important change is the improved Performance features.

There are many major code, database and configuration changes in this release which will increase tracker speed and decrease server load. So far, this version has been very stable and fast.

Instructions for new installs are included in the distribution files in the installation script. For those upgrading, please make sure you check the distribution instructions in readme_upgrade.html, and then run the install script.

We STRONGLY recommend that all users upgrade to TS SE v5.0 so their tracker is running a more stable, fast and secure version of the TS SE v5 series.

Please click following link to get more information about the latest code (screenshoots):

To get the latest code:

New Features, Changes and Fixes:
Added: Global: Go to Page Feature to Navigation Function(s).
Added: Global: Hide Dropdown menu for guests.
Added: Global: Search Cloud which will allow you to Increase tracker pagerank.
Added: Global: New cache features for better performance.
Added: Global: Extra cache system for better performance. (Index, topten and forums)
Changed: Global: Image Verification System has been re-coded which is more stable and secure.
Optimized: Global: All Mysql Tables has been optimized for better performance.

Added: Tracker: TS Plugin System with 11 Default Plugins.
Added: Tracker: Ajax Quick Edit Comment Post.
Added: Tracker: Port (connectable) Checker.
Added: Tracker: New RSS System with Passkey which works with Utorrent and other clients.
Added: Tracker: New Browse Page.. No more old or new browse features.. all in one browse page..
Added: Tracker: Disable Hit & Run system on Freeleech Torrents.
Added: Tracker: New Ajax Rating System.
Added: Tracker: New Ajax External Torrent Update System.
Added: Tracker: IMDB Genre Search for Browse page.
Changed: Tracker: Ajax Quick Comment System has been updated which is more stable.
Changed: Tracker: Details page has been re-coded which is more stable, secure, fast and useful.
Changed: Tracker: Optimized Announce and Scrape script.
Changed: Tracker: Userdetails page has been re-coded for better performance.

Added: TSF Forums: Ajax Quick Edit Post.
Added: TSF Forums: Thread Sort by Options.
Added: TSF Forums: Print Thread Feature.
Added: TSF Forums: Send Thread as Email to a Friend Feature.
Added: TSF Forums: Post Icon Feature.
Changed: TSF Forums: New attachment mod which will show images directly, no download needed.
Changed: TSF Forums: Ajax Quick Reply System has been updated which is more stable.
Changed: TSF Forums: Subscribe system now send email and pm.
Changed: TSF Forums: Configurable User PNG images.

Added: Staff Panel: Remove User Upload Amount Tool.
Added: Staff Panel: Navigation Function to Inactive Users Tool.
Added: Staff Panel: Navigation Function to TS Hit & Run Tool.
Added: Staff Panel: Navigation Function to Uploaders Tool.
Added: Staff Panel: 7 new search features into Manage Torrent Tool
Added: Staff & Setting Panel wysiwyg editor has been updated which is more stable, fast and useful.
Changed: Staff Tool: Ip to Country mod is now work without CuRL.

Fixed: Global: All known bugs has been fixed.
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TS Special Edition 5.0 Null


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