Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Woltlab Burning Board 3.0.8pl1

Extreme extensibility through plugins
Burning Board 3 is completely modular and based on "WoltLab Community Framework". It takes only a few clicks to make it work togehther with other applications (e.g. Image-gallery, guestbook) or extend its functionality with additional plugins.

Optimised for search engines
Burning Board offers state-of-the-art search engine optimisation for getting the best search results and page ranks in the most used search engines, like Google and many others.

Multi language support
Burning Board can be run with multiple languages. Users may choose a language for writing messages in, or for filtering content. At this time, you can choose three different languages for the user interface (Chinese, Croatian, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese [Brazil], Turkish).

Easy data import from other forum systems
Import data from previous Burning Board versions or other board systems like vBulletin, phpBB and IP.board and many more like a breeze. [Detailled listing of supported forum systems]

Excellent performance
Thanks to modern caching and database techniques, Burning Board 3 runs incredibly fast and can handle loads of content - one million posts or more.

Security Password encryption
Burning Board 3 uses special and effective techniques for encryption of user passwords, that give attackers noch chance! Secure your board to the max!

SPAM protection
Get immediately rid of unwanted SPAM! Burning Board secures your forum from SPAM entries or DDoS attacks!

Effective filter and censoring functions
Exclude troublesome users with a large set of filter rules. Ban certain words in messages with our outstanding censoring function.

Automatic updates
Never miss an update for our software in the future! You'll be notified when updates are available and install them with a simple click!

Customisation Styles
Change the design of your forum with styles! With Burning Board you can create, add and install as many styles as you want, and furthermore, even exchange them with your friends.

Templates contain the HTML source code of the forum and therefore define the board layout. Change these templates to achieve diverse modifications and enhancements.

The texts of the user interface are stored in so-called language packages. Install additional languages or change texts as you like to better meet your ideas of a perfect forum.

Usability Intuitive user guidance
Burning Board offers a well arranged, simple and intuitive interface to enhance usability and comfort. To achieve that, it uses control elements like menus, buttons and symbols that are continuously being used throughout the software.

"Wysiwyg" editor
With Burning Board you can enjoy the true advantages of a professional, modern and extensible text editor, which is capable of displaying formattings while you write!

Inline moderation
Edit most of the content right at the place where it is shown with Burning Boards inline moderation feature. You'll just need a few clicks to correct text and move, lock or delete content.

Easily operated Admin Control Panel
Start right now and feel the difference! Administer your forum with never known comfort! Gone are those overloaded and confusing forms and settings, we establish tidyness!

Intelligent search
Searching redefinded! Burning Board offers a search function never seen before in any forum software. It adapts to match the contents of the page you view automatically.

Standards and accessibility
We respect the needs of disabled people, especially those with visual impairments. Try using Burning Board with any kind of text browser or screenreader, you'll never get locked out.


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