Monday, April 27, 2009

Abo CMS + All Modules

The Content management system ABO CMS is intended for creation and economic management of a wide spectrum the Internet-projects. Modern means of accommodation of the information, allow to create quickly navigating structure of an unlimited degree of an enclosure, to fill with the necessary content, and also to optimize and issue any information, possessing elementary skills of the user of office appendices.

For maintenance of communications with the visitor the system is supplied by a wide set of control facilities a feedback: administrating of visitors’ books, creation of forms for communication, management of lists of often set questions and forums, etc.

Alongside with performance of functions of management by the information and the organizations of communications, ABO CMS the application in sphere of electronic commerce finds. The structure of system includes modules for management of catalogues the Internet-shops and service of orders.

Owing to modular architecture functionality of system is easily adjusted according to a specific target. Owing to such flexible approach, editions of a product are developed for satisfaction of the diversified requirements:

* ABO CMS:Promo
* ABO CMS:Inform
* ABO CMS:Corporative
* ABO CMS:E-commerce



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