Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Indexu Deluxe v1.3 PHP

Indexu Deluxe v1.3 PHP script 3.50 MB

IndexU Deluxe v1.30 is a major release and contains the following fixes and updates
- Bugfix - idx2phpbb plugin (error checking)
- Bugfix - Database import (error checking)
- Bugfix - Cronjobs
- Bugfix - .htaccess (commented out Options which causes issues on some servers)
- Bugfix - sestat plugin (yahoo links were not being counted)
- Bugfix - handle links in format ansi and utf-8
- Bugfix - added default page rank image if no PR has been fetched yet
- Bugfix - Small fix to Moneybookers payment module

- Addition - Ability to block websites by their nameserver domain (to eliminate "parked" webpages from being submitted)
- Addition - New admin panel (screenshot attached)
- Addition - New languages - Portuguese and Danish

Changes were also made to the following items
- Checkurl for bad link
- Discount Coupon Payment
- Select option of category link on add, modify, upgrade
- Plugin class
- new hooks on filter.lib.php
- Kosmos template


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