Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mega File Hosting Script 1.2 Dezended & Nulled, Final version released. All bugs and errors are fixed.

I have dezended and nulled the mfhs 1.2 - 100% removed all callbacks.

I have recoded the admin/index.php file from the mfhs 1.0 because the original is coded with zend and phpcipher which is impossible to be decoded.
I have constructed new menu and custom functions and some new icons.
All works fine. Please download and test. Post all bugs here.
No need of serials. All keycode strings and callbacks to yabsoft’s server, have been removed from all files

Info: hxxp://www.yabsoft.com/mfhs-feature.php
Admin Demo: hxxp://yabsoft.info/demo/mfhs/admin
Frontend Demo: hxxp://yabsoft.info/demo/mfhs/

Admin Login: demo/demo

New final and stable version. Fixed all errors. Please use this new link.




Password: yagbu.net

WinUHA Archiver Download [REQUIRED]


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